Submissions from 2020

Beam-energy dependence of identified two-particle angular correlations in Au+ Au collisions at RHIC, Ahmad Hamed

Circulating MicroRNAs in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Nahla O. Mousa, Ahmed Abdellatif, Suher Zada, and Hassan El-Fawal

Amygdalin: Therapeutic Effects and Toxicity, Iyanu Oduwole and Anwar Abd Elnaser

Submissions from 2019

From driver of change to marginalised actor: organised labour in post-revolutionary Egypt from a comparative perspective, Nadine Abdalla

An electro-kinetic platform based on printed circuit Board technology for identification and characterization of biological cells, Reda Abdelbaset and Yehea Ismail

A Conceptual Framework for Enriching Architectural Classroom with Mobile Augmented Reality, Sherif Morad Abdelkader Abdelmohsen

A Layered IoT Architecture for Greenhouse Monitoring and Remote Control, Hassanein Hamed Amer, Amr Mohamed Shaarawi, Hassan Ibrahim, and Norhan Mostafa

A Model of Cumulative Racial–Ethnic Trauma among Americans of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Descent, Mona Magid Amer

A Practical Road Map for Assessing Cyber Risk, Zeinab Hafez Amin

A novel arch-shaped hybrid composite triboelectric generator using carbon fiber reinforced polymers, Mustafa Hani Arafa

"Women, Work and Family”: Educated Women’s Employment Decisions and Social Policies in Egypt, Ghada F. Barsoum

Imaginary Futures: Liminoid Advertising and Consumer Identity., Dina Hassan Bassiouni

A Novel Assisted History Matching Workflow and Application on a Full Field Reservoir Simulation Model, Ahmed Hamdi ElBanbi

Egypt's Currency Devaluation & Impact on the Most Vulnerable, Laila Mostafa El Baradei

Aquaponics: a sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture in Egypt – a pilot scale investigation, Hisham El-Essawy, Peter Nasr, and Hani Sewilam

Black titania nanotubes/spongy graphene nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitors, Dalia M M. El-Gendy and Nageh Khalaf Allam

An evaluation of the development and delivery of the Leadership in Mental Health MENA region course, Kathleen Rose Hannah Ellis and Carie Lu Forden

Carbon monoxide and formic acid oxidation at Rh@ Pt nanoparticles, Ehab El Sawy

Chemotherapy Based on Supramolecular Chemistry: A Promising Strategy in Cancer Therapy., Sherif Ashraf Fahmy, Mayyada M. H. El-Sayed, and Tamer Shoeib

A study on the physicochemical properties and cytotoxic activity of p-sulfocalix[4]arene-nedaplatin complex, Sherif Ashraf Fahmy and Tamer Shoeib

Antiulcer activity of Cyperus alternifolius in relation to its UPLC-MS metabolite fingerprint: A mechanistic study, Mohamed Ali Farag

Chemopreventive activity of Chamaedorea sefrizii and Attalea butyracea leaf extracts in relation to its metabolite fingerprints analysed via UPLC-qtof-MS and chemometrics, Mohamed Ali Farag

A novel thermostable halophilic thioredoxin reductase from Red Sea brine pool, Walid Mohamed Fouad and Elham A. Badiea

Asymmetric supercapacitors based on 3D graphene-wrapped V2O5 nanospheres and Fe3O4@ 3D graphene electrodes with high power and energy densities, Hossam Ghaly and Nageh Khalaf Allam

An Algorithm for Computing Average Mutual Information Using Probability Distribution Smoothing, Amr Mohamed Goneid

A review and comparison of ontology-based approaches to robot autonomy, Maki Khalil Habib

Anomaly Detection for Categorical Data: A Review, Ali S. Hadi

The Shifting Security Landscape in the Middle East: An Egyptian Perspective, Karim Haggag

Bulk properties of the system formed in Au+AuAu+Au collisions at \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}sNN​​ =14.5 GeV at the BNL STAR detector, Ahmad hamed

Charge-dependent pair correlations relative to a third particle in p+ Au and d+ Au collisions at RHIC, Ahmad hamed

symposium: Beyond Presence?, Graham Harman

Trust and Power as Fundamental Determinants of Tax Compliance across 44 Nations, Mohamed Medhat A. Aty Hassanein

Mobile Internet use by Generation Z: Evidence from an Emerging Market, Rania Mohamed Samir Hussein

Charge Independent DC Model for Floating Gate MOSFET Used for Flash Memory and Electro-optic Switching Applications., Yehea Ismail

‘Uberization’ as Neoliberal Governmentality: A Global South Perspective., Charles Wharton Kaye-Essien

Broadband MIR harvester using silicon nanostructures, Sara Magdi, Farah El-Diwany, and Mohamed A. Swillam

Brand equity in higher education: Comparative analysis, Maha Mourad and Hakim Adel Hakim Meshreki

An aerobic eukaryotic parasite with functional mitochondria that likely lacks a mitochondrial genome, Ahmed Moustafa

Access to skilled labor, institutions and firm performance in developing countries, Mona Abdel Salam Said

Board Independence and Internal Control Quality in Egypt: does CEO Duality matter?, Khaled Ibrahim Hamdy Samaha

Assessing the Impact of Knowledge Management on Total Factor Productivity, Mina Sami and Randa El Bedawy

A Note on Self-Accelerating Olver and Olver-Gauss Beams, Amr Mohamed Shaarawi

Board Diversity and Earnings News Dissemination on Twitter in the UK, Nermeen Fathy Ahmed Shehata

“When I Get Older Losing My Hair”—Individuals’ Concepts of Successful Aging, Irene Strasser

Bitcoin and Gold Prices: A Fledging Long-Term Relationship, Sarfaraz Ali Shah Syed

"In the Memory of These Concrete Living Gests": C.S. Peirce on Science of Review, Alessandro Topa

A discussion on adaptive designs for computer experiments, Noha Ahmed Youssef

Submissions from 2018

miRNA-221 and miRNA-222 are promising biomarkers for the progression of liver fibrosis in HCV Egyptian Patients., Amanda Abdel-Al, Amgad Ouf, and Suher Zada

An Efficient Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem, Tamer Abdelmaguid

An engineered nanocomposite for sensitive and selective detection of mercury in environmental water samples, Ibrahim Abdullah, Nashaat Ahmed, and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Does the Degree of Shari’ah Compliance Affect the Volatility? : Evidence from the MENA Region, Neveen Ahmed and Omar Farooq

A Prediction Interval Approach to Developing Life Test Acceptance Criteria for Progressively Censored Data, Zeinab Hafez Amin

Dostoevsky and Education through Punishment, Christopher Barker

Can youth activation policies be central to social policies in MENA countries?, Ghada F. Barsoum

An Exploratory Study of Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability in the Management Education of Top Universities in the Arab Region, Mohamed Abdel Kader Basuony

Audit Firm Tenure and Earnings Management: The Impact of Changing Accounting Standards in UK Firms, Mohamed Abdel Kader Basuony

Board Structure and Corporate Disclosure via Social Media: An Empirical Study in the UK, Mohamed Abdel Kader Basuony and Khaled Ibrahim Hamdy Samaha

Caesio varilineata (Osteichthyes: Caesionidae) a new alien fish in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea, Arthur Remco Bos and Joel Ogwang

Analysis of Multi-Layered Commingled and Compartmentalized Gas Reservoirs, Ahmed Hamdi El-Banbi

Are Egyptian Women Empowered?, Laila Mostafa El Baradei

Case study community-based learning: toy design project for children in Egyptian squatter community, Lamyaa El-Gabry

A Review of the Potential Replacements of HCFC/HFCs Using Environment-Friendly Refrigerants, Mohamed S. El-Morsi

Bifunctional Tailoring of Platinum Surfaces with Earth Abundant Iron Oxide Nanowires for Boosted Formic Acid Electro-Oxidation, Heba Farrag and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Az OOO-val szembeni négy leggyakoribb ellenvetés, Graham Harman

Reader, Response, Theory: The Nineteenth- Century Fantastic as a Counter-Enlightenment Mode, Graham Harman

Audit Firms and Industry Specialization in an Emerging Economy: Are we witnessing changing environments or a dominant market?, Mohamed Abdel Aziz Hegazy

Antecedents of Global Brand Purchase Likelihood: Exploring the Mediating Effect of Quality, Prestige and Familiarity, Rania Mohamed Samir Hussein

A medley of mummies from Deir el-Bahari, Salima Ikram

Bones and society: A short introduction, Salima Ikram

Sacred Animal Cults in Egypt: Excavating the Catacombs of Anubis at Saqqara, Salima Ikram

Assessment of skylight design configurations on daylighting performance in shopping malls: A case study, Basil Ahmed Kamel

Interpolated Domestic Space: The Metropolitan Museum’s Damascus Room Re-installed, Ellen Van Riper Kenney

Benchmarking project performance: a guideline for assessing vulnerability of mechanical and electrical projects to productivity loss, Wafik Boulos Lotfallah

Around the Globe A Glimpse of Microwave Education and Research Activities in Egypt, Ahmed Mahmoud

A concentric flow slot burner for stabilizing turbulent partially premixed inhomogeneous flames of gaseous fuels, Mohy Saad Mansour

A Reassessment of the European Neighbourhood Policy: Extending the Limits of Regional Conceptualisation and Approach, Robert David Mason

The Syria Conflict and the Euro-Med Refugee Crisis: An Opportunity to Enhance the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Robert David Mason

CFRP-Strengthened HSS Columns Subject to Eccentric Loading, Ezzeldin Yazeed Sayed-Ahmed Elbawab

Civil Society and the Rise of Unconventional Modes of Youth Participation in the MENA, Nadine Mourad Sedky Sika

Amplitude modulation in infrared metamaterial absorbers based on electro-optically tunable conducting oxides, Mohamed Swillam

Accessible switching of electronic defect type in SrTiO 3 via biaxial strain, Mostafa Youssef

Submissions from 2012

Beyond (the ABCs): Education, community, and feminism in Afghanistan., Amy Michelle Carrillo

Submissions from 2011

Between synergy and conflict: The processes of individual and organizational resilience in an Afghan women’s community., Amy Michelle Carrillo

Submissions from 2008

The Relation Between the Shale Origin (Source or non Source) and its Type for Abu Roash Formation at Wadi El-Natrun Area, South of Western Desert, Egypt, Ahmed Zakaria Nouh