Submissions from 2021


Executive Summary- Social Protection in Egypt: Mitigating the Socio-Economic Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Vulnerable Employment, Dina Makram-Ebeid, Amr Adly, Nadine Sika, Hania M Sholkamy, and Samer Atallah

Submissions from 2020

Formulation of simvastatin chitosan nanoparticles for controlled delivery in bone regeneration: Optimization using Box-Behnken design, stability and in vivo study, Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed

Cosm-nutraceutical nanovesicles for acne treatment: Physicochemical characterization and exploratory clinical experimentation, Sandra Sherif Amer and Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed

Avoiding COVID-19 complications with diabetic patients could be achieved by multi-dose Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine: A case study of beta cells regeneration, B. M. Ayoub, E. Ramadan, N. Ashoush, M. M. Tadros, M. S. Hendy, M. M. Elmazar, and S. A. Mousa


Electrochemical Fabrication of Ternary Black Ti-Mo-Ni Oxide Nanotube Arrays for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation, Nourhan M. Deyab, Kholoud E. Salem, Abdelrahman M. Mokhtar, Mohamed Ramadan, Patrick Steegstra, Annick Hubin, Marie Paule Delplancke, Hubert Rahier, and Nageh K. Allam

Fabrication of Nanofibrous/Xerogel Layer-by-Layer Biocomposite Scaffolds for Skin Tissue Regeneration: In Vitro Study, Fatma Elshishiny and Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed

Beam-energy dependence of identified two-particle angular correlations in Au+ Au collisions at RHIC, Ahmad Hamed

Internalized Sexual Stigma as Internal Minority Stress: The Egyptian Gay Experience, Hani Momtaz Henry

Circulating MicroRNAs in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Nahla O. Mousa, Ahmed Abdellatif, Suher Zada, and Hassan El-Fawal

Amygdalin: Therapeutic Effects and Toxicity, Iyanu Oduwole and Anwar Abd Elnaser

Special Issue: The Political Aesthetics of Democratization Conflicts, Marco Pinfari


Novel Polysulfone/Carbon Nanotube-Polyamide Thin Film Nanocomposite Membranes with Improved Water Flux for Forward Osmosis Desalination, Ahmed O. Rashed, Amal M.K. Esawi, and Adham Ramadan

Submissions from 2019

Effect of Ni-Ferrite and Ni-Co-Ferrite nanostructures on biogas production from anaerobic digestion, Muhammed S. Abdallah, Fatma Y. Hassaneen, Yasmin Faisal, Mohy S. Mansour, and Hanadi Ahmed Salem

From driver of change to marginalised actor: organised labour in post-revolutionary Egypt from a comparative perspective, Nadine Abdalla

An electro-kinetic platform based on printed circuit Board technology for identification and characterization of biological cells, Reda Abdelbaset and Yehea Ismail

A Conceptual Framework for Enriching Architectural Classroom with Mobile Augmented Reality, Sherif Morad Abdelkader Abdelmohsen

Common Currency Unit for Gulf Cooperation Council: Is it Feasible?, Angie Abdel Abdelzaher

Correlating Field to Laboratory Compaction for Roller Compacted Concrete, Mohamed Nagib Abou Zeid, Mohamed El-Saied, Kamel Elamrousy, Ahmed Hamed, and Elmohanad Elsayad

Coupling of GC-MS/MS to Principal Component Analysis for Assessment of Matrix Effect: Efficient Determination of Ultra-Low Levels of Pesticide Residues in Some Functional Foods, Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed

Insights on the use of nanocarriers for acne alleviation, Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed

Experimental and density functional theory insights into the effect of withdrawing ligands on the fluorescence yield of Ru (II)-based complexes, Basant A. Ali and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Correlation between microstructural defects and photoelectrochemical performance of 1D Ti--Nb composite oxide photoanodes for solar water splitting, Nageh Khalaf Allam, Mahmoud Farag, and Aya A. Saleh

Constructive Journalism in Arab Transitional Democracies: Perceptions, Attitudes and Performance, Rasha Nabil Mohamed GamalEldin Allam

A Layered IoT Architecture for Greenhouse Monitoring and Remote Control, Hassanein Hamed Amer, Amr Mohamed Shaarawi, Hassan Ibrahim, and Norhan Mostafa

A Model of Cumulative Racial–Ethnic Trauma among Americans of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Descent, Mona Magid Amer

A Practical Road Map for Assessing Cyber Risk, Zeinab Hafez Amin

A novel arch-shaped hybrid composite triboelectric generator using carbon fiber reinforced polymers, Mustafa Hani Arafa

Ferroelectret materials and devices for energy harvesting applications, Mustafa Hani Arafa

Low-Complexity Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Algorithms for Vehicular Communications Using the IEEE 802.11 p Standard, Moustafa M. Awad, Karim Gomaa Seddik, and Ayman Elezabi

Low-temperature thermoelectric performance of novel polyaniline/iron oxide composites with superior Seebeck coefficient, Hussein Badr and Nageh Khalaf Allam

"Women, Work and Family”: Educated Women’s Employment Decisions and Social Policies in Egypt, Ghada F. Barsoum

Imaginary Futures: Liminoid Advertising and Consumer Identity., Dina Hassan Bassiouni

Interdisciplinary comparison of scientific impact of publications using the Citation-Ratio, Arthur Remco Bos

Electrochemical nano-patterning of brass for stable and visible light-induced photoelectrochemical water splitting, Dina S. Eissa, Shimaa S. El-Hagar, and Nageh Khalaf Allam

A Novel Assisted History Matching Workflow and Application on a Full Field Reservoir Simulation Model, Ahmed Hamdi ElBanbi

Enhancing Asphaltene Precipitation Modeling by Cubic-PR Solid Model Using Thermodynamic Correlations and Averaging Techniques, Ahmed Hamdi ElBanbi

Egypt's Currency Devaluation & Impact on the Most Vulnerable, Laila Mostafa El Baradei

Development of Accounting and Auditing In Egypt: Origin, Growth, Practice and Influential Factors, Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Elbayoumi and Mohamed Abdel Kader Basuony

Aquaponics: a sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture in Egypt – a pilot scale investigation, Hisham El-Essawy, Peter Nasr, and Hani Sewilam

Eco-friendly, one-step synthesis of cobalt sulfide-decorated functionalized graphene for high-performance supercapacitors, Dalia M. El-Gendy, Israa M. Afifi, and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Black titania nanotubes/spongy graphene nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitors, Dalia M M. El-Gendy and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Facile Microwave-assisted synthetic approach to palladium nanoparticles supported on copper oxide as an efficient catalyst for Heck and Sonogashira cross- coupling reactions, Tamer Tawhid El-Idreesy

An evaluation of the development and delivery of the Leadership in Mental Health MENA region course, Kathleen Rose Hannah Ellis and Carie Lu Forden

Carbon monoxide and formic acid oxidation at Rh@ Pt nanoparticles, Ehab El Sawy

Electrospun Lead-Free All-Inorganic Double Perovskite Nanofibers for Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Applications, Ayat N. El-Shazly, Marwan Y. Rezk, Kareem M. Gameel, and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Driver Distraction Identification with an Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks, Hesham M. Eraqi and Mohamed Nabil Moustafa

Chemotherapy Based on Supramolecular Chemistry: A Promising Strategy in Cancer Therapy., Sherif Ashraf Fahmy, Mayyada M. H. El-Sayed, and Tamer Shoeib

A study on the physicochemical properties and cytotoxic activity of p-sulfocalix[4]arene-nedaplatin complex, Sherif Ashraf Fahmy and Tamer Shoeib

Antiulcer activity of Cyperus alternifolius in relation to its UPLC-MS metabolite fingerprint: A mechanistic study, Mohamed Ali Farag

Chemopreventive activity of Chamaedorea sefrizii and Attalea butyracea leaf extracts in relation to its metabolite fingerprints analysed via UPLC-qtof-MS and chemometrics, Mohamed Ali Farag

Comparative Metabolite Profiling of Four Citrus Peel Cultivars via Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight-Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Data Analyses, Mohamed Ali Farag

Comparative metabolome-based classification of Senna drugs: a prospect for phyto-equivalency of its different commercial products, Mohamed Ali Farag

Effect of grilling as processing method on Zea mays (corn) metabolites composition as analyzed via SPME GC-MS and chemometrics, Mohamed Ali Farag

Influence of Pickling Process on Allium cepa and Citrus limon Metabolome as Determined via Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics, Mohamed Ali Farag

Isolation of anticancer and anti-trypanosome secondary metabolites from the endophytic fungus Aspergillus flocculus via bioactivity guided isolation and MS based metabolomics, Mohamed Ali Farag

Marine Natural Products: A Source of Novel Anticancer Drugs, Mohamed Ali Farag

A novel thermostable halophilic thioredoxin reductase from Red Sea brine pool, Walid Mohamed Fouad and Elham A. Badiea

Matching-Based Resource Allocation for Critical MTC in Massive MIMO LTE Networks, Yasser Samy Gadallah

Asymmetric supercapacitors based on 3D graphene-wrapped V2O5 nanospheres and Fe3O4@ 3D graphene electrodes with high power and energy densities, Hossam Ghaly and Nageh Khalaf Allam

An Algorithm for Computing Average Mutual Information Using Probability Distribution Smoothing, Amr Mohamed Goneid

A review and comparison of ontology-based approaches to robot autonomy, Maki Khalil Habib

Defect detection method using deep convolutional neural network, support vector machine and template matching techniques, Maki Khalil Habib

Anomaly Detection for Categorical Data: A Review, Ali S. Hadi

The Shifting Security Landscape in the Middle East: An Egyptian Perspective, Karim Haggag

Bulk properties of the system formed in Au+AuAu+Au collisions at \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}sNN​​ =14.5 GeV at the BNL STAR detector, Ahmad hamed

Charge-dependent pair correlations relative to a third particle in p+ Au and d+ Au collisions at RHIC, Ahmad hamed

First Observation of the Directed Flow of D0 and D0 ̄ in Au+ Au Collisions at sNN= 200 GeV, Ahmad Hamed

Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry for inclusive jet and dijet production in p p collisions at s= 510 GeV, Ahmad Hamed

Measurement of away-side broadening with self-subtraction of flow in Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV, Ahmad Hamed

Measurement of D0 -meson + hadron two-dimensional angular correlations in Au+ Au collisions at sNN =200 GeV, Ahmad Hamed

symposium: Beyond Presence?, Graham Harman

Trust and Power as Fundamental Determinants of Tax Compliance across 44 Nations, Mohamed Medhat A. Aty Hassanein

European imaginations and African mobility realities, Gerda Heck

Mobile Internet use by Generation Z: Evidence from an Emerging Market, Rania Mohamed Samir Hussein

Managing Organizational Paradoxes in Social Enterprises: Case Studies from the MENA Region, Ayman Adel Abdel Fattah Ismail and Brendon Johnson

Charge Independent DC Model for Floating Gate MOSFET Used for Flash Memory and Electro-optic Switching Applications., Yehea Ismail

‘Uberization’ as Neoliberal Governmentality: A Global South Perspective., Charles Wharton Kaye-Essien

Broadband MIR harvester using silicon nanostructures, Sara Magdi, Farah El-Diwany, and Mohamed A. Swillam

Lean turbulent partially premixed flames equivalence ratio distributions measurements using Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Mohy Saad Mansour

Interview with Hadil Ghoneim, an Author from Egypt, Yasmine Samir Motawy

Brand equity in higher education: Comparative analysis, Maha Mourad and Hakim Adel Hakim Meshreki

An aerobic eukaryotic parasite with functional mitochondria that likely lacks a mitochondrial genome, Ahmed Moustafa

Diel transcriptional response of a California Current plankton microbiome to light, low iron, and enduring viral infection, Ahmed Moustafa

Effect of radiotherapy on the gut microbiome in pediatric cancer patients: A pilot study, Nourhan Sahly and Ahmed Moustafa

Access to skilled labor, institutions and firm performance in developing countries, Mona Abdel Salam Said

Cost-aware load balancing for multilingual record linkage using MapReduce, Cherif Salama

Evolution of Carbon Nanotubes and their metallurgical reactions in Al-based composites in response to laser irradiation during selective laser melting, Ehab Salama and Amal Kamal Esawi

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Carbon Nanotube Functionally-Graded Cylinders, Ehab I. Salama, Sherry S. Morad, and Amal Kamal Esawi

Influence of processing parameters on internal porosity and types of defects formed in Ti6Al4V lattice structure fabricated by selective laser melting, Hala Ahmed Salem and Hanadi G. Salem

Board Independence and Internal Control Quality in Egypt: does CEO Duality matter?, Khaled Ibrahim Hamdy Samaha

Internal Control Quality, Voluntary Disclosure and Cost of Equity Capital: the case of an Unregulated Market, Khaled Ibrahim Hamdy Samaha

Effects of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Extract in Streptozocin‐induced Diabetic Model, Diana G. Sami, Marwa T. Badawy, Maha E. Mansour, and Ahmed Abdellatif

Assessing the Impact of Knowledge Management on Total Factor Productivity, Mina Sami and Randa El Bedawy

Electrospun mesoporous Mn-V-O@C nanofibers for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor devices with high stability, Menna Samir, Nashaat Ahmed, Mohamed Ramadan, and Nageh Khalaf Allam

Effective capacity optimization for cognitive radio networks under primary QoS provisioning, Karim Gomaa Seddik

A Note on Self-Accelerating Olver and Olver-Gauss Beams, Amr Mohamed Shaarawi

Finite-energy spatiotemporally localized Airy wavepackets, Amr Mohamed Shaarawi

Integrated slotted ring resonator at mid-infrared for on-chip sensing applications, Sarah Shafaay and Mohamed A. Swillam

Board Diversity and Earnings News Dissemination on Twitter in the UK, Nermeen Fathy Ahmed Shehata

Exploring the Use of Nearpod in Undergraduate Financial Accounting Classes, Nermeen Fathy Ahmed Shehata, Caroline Mitry, and Maha Shawki