Submissions from 2021


Healthcare Protection Policies during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons towards the Implementation of the New Egyptian Universal Health Insurance Law, Alaa Ghannam and Ayman Sebae


Employment Security in Egypt in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Rethinking Policies and Practices, Heba M. Khalil and Kareem Megahed


After COVID-19: Mitigating Domestic Gender-based Violence in Egypt in Times of Emergency, Diana Magdy and Hind Ahmed Zaki


Executive Summary- Social Protection in Egypt: Mitigating the Socio-Economic Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Vulnerable Employment, Dina Makram-Ebeid, Amr Adly, Nadine Sika, Hania M Sholkamy, and Samer Atallah


On Mainstreaming Social Thinking in Macroeconomic Policies, Amira Othman, Hania Sholkamy, and Chahir Zaki

Submissions from 2020

Enhanced electrochemical energy storage properties of carbon coated Co3O4 nanoparticles-reduced graphene oxide ternary nano-hybrids, Muhammad Aadil, Sonia Zulfiqar, Humera Sabeeh, Muhammad Farooq Warsi, Muhammad Shahid, Ibrahim A. Alsafari, and Imran Shakir

Binder free mesoporous Ag-doped Co3O4 nanosheets with outstanding cyclic stability and rate capability for advanced supercapacitor applications, Muhammad Aadil, Sonia Zulfiqar, Muhammad Shahid, Sajjad Haider, Imran Shakir, and Muhammad Farooq Warsi

Microbial fuel cells with enhanced bacterial catalytic activity and stability using 3D nanoporous stainless steel anode, Alaa A. Abbas, Heba H. Farrag, Ehab El-Sawy, and Nageh K. Allam

Car users exposure to particulate matter and gaseous air pollutants in megacity Cairo, Rana Alaa Abbass, Prashant Kumar, and Ahmed El-Gendy

Recent Advances in the Regenerative Approaches for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Materials Perspective, Walaa A. Abbas, Maha E. Ibrahim, Manar El-Naggar, Wessam A. Abass, Ibrahim H. Abdullah, Basem I. Awad, and Nageh K. Allam

Novel mineralized electrospun chitosan/PVA/TiO2 nanofibrous composites for potential biomedical applications: Computational and experimental insights, Walaa A. Abbas, Icell M. Sharafeldin, Mostafa M. Omar, and Nageh K. Allam

From driver of change to marginalised actor: organised labour in post-revolutionary Egypt from a comparative perspective, Nadine Abdalla and Jonas Wolff

Identification of Downhole Conditions in Sucker Rod Pumped Wells Using Deep Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms, Ramez Abdalla, Mahmoud Abu El Ela, and Ahmed El-Banbi

Infrared subwavelength focusing metasurfaces for harvesting heat from the Earth's back radiation, Manar Abdel-Galil, Yehea Ismail, and Mohamed Swillam

The influence of raffinose on the growth performance, oxidative status, and immunity in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Hany M.R. Abdel-Latif, Ali A. Soliman, Hani Sewilam, Rafa Almeer, Hien Van Doan, Mahmoud Alagawany, and Mahmoud A.O. Dawood

Programmable Passive Actuation for Adaptive Building Façade Design using Hygroscopic Properties of Wood, Sherif Morad Abdelkader Abdelmohsen

Effects of production, PVT and pipe roughness on multiphase flow correlations in gas wells, Mohamed A. Abd El-Moniem and Ahmed H. El-Banbi

A bistable electromagnetic energy harvester for low-frequency, low-amplitude excitation, Mohammed Ali Abdelnaby and Mustafa Arafa

Cross-layer resource allocation for critical MTC coexistent with human-type communications in LTE: A two-sided matching approach, Mohammed Y. Abdelsadek, Mohamed H. Ahmed, and Yasser Gadallah

A Critical MTC Resource Allocation Approach for LTE Networks with Finite Blocklength Codes, Mohammed Y. Abdelsadek, Yasser Gadallah, and Mohamed H. Ahmed

Vulnerability to climate change: Are innovative countries in a better position?, Dina M. Abdelzaher, Aleksey Martynov, and Angie M. Abdel Zaher

COVID-19 Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors: A Look at the Evidence, Hana Abdelzaher, Basma M. Saleh, Hebatalla A. Ismail, Marwa Hafiz, Macy Abou Gabal, Miranda Mahmoud, Sarah Hashish, Rana M.Abdel Gawad, Rami Y. Gharieb, and Anwar Abdelnaser

Dynamic programming models for maximizing customer lifetime value: An overview, Eman AboElHamd, Hamed M. Shamma, and Mohamed Saleh

A Machine-Learning-Based Technique for False Data Injection Attacks Detection in Industrial IoT, Mariam M.N. Aboelwafa, Karim G. Seddik, Mohamed H. Eldefrawy, Yasser Gadallah, and Mikael Gidlund

Developing a Rating Score for Out-of-Sequence Construction, Ibrahim S. Abotaleb, Islam H. El-Adaway, Michael W. Ibrahim, Awad S. Hanna, and Jeffrey S. Russell

Is Low Alveolar Type II Cell SOD3 in the Lungs of Elderly Linked to the Observed Severity of COVID-19?, Ahmed S. Abouhashem, Kanhaiya Singh, Hassan M.E. Azzazy, and Chandan K. Sen

Fabrication of pomegranate/honey nanofibers for use as antibacterial wound dressings, Sara S. Abou Zekry, Ahmed Abdellatif, and Hassan M.E. Azzazy

Authoritarian restitution in bad economic times Egypt and the crisis of global neoliberalism, Amr Adly

Boosting the cyclic stability and supercapacitive performance of graphene hydrogels via excessive nitrogen doping: Experimental and DFT insights, Nashaat Ahmed, Aya Amer, Basant A. Ali, Ahmed H. Biby, Yasmine I. Mesbah, and Nageh K. Allam

Synthesis of Self-Ordered Tantalum-Niobium Mixed Oxide Nanotubes and Their Use for Clean Hydrogen Production, Nashaat Ahmed, Ahmed M. Hafez, Mohamed Salama, and Nageh K. Allam

Formulation of simvastatin chitosan nanoparticles for controlled delivery in bone regeneration: Optimization using Box-Behnken design, stability and in vivo study, Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed


Development and optimization of pectin/chitosan magnetic sponge for efficient cationic dyes removal using Box–Behnken design, Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed and Olivia A. Attalla

Ternary hybrid of polyaniline-alanine-reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical sensing of heavy metal ions, Mehwish Akhtar, Amiza Tahir, Sonia Zulfiqar, Farzana Hanif, Muhammad Farooq Warsi, Philips O. Agboola, and Imran Shakir

Onset of the Jet Quenching Phenomenon, Mohammad. T. AlFiky, O. Elsherif, and Ahmed M. Hamed

Cooperative delay-constrained cognitive radio networks: Delay-throughput trade-off with relaying full-duplex capability, Ali Gaber Mohamed Ali, El Sayed Ahmed Youssef, Mohamed R.M. Rizk, Mohamed Salman, and Karim G. Seddik

Fullerene C76: An Unexplored Superior Electrode Material with Wide Operating Potential Window for High‐Performance Supercapacitors, Basant A. Ali, Ahmed H. Biby, and Nageh K. Allam

Public Perception of Rentier Elites in the Middle East and North Africa, Hamid E. Ali

Military Spending, Corruption, and the Welfare Consequences, Hamid E. Ali and Sakiru Adebola Solarin

Use of expanded polystyrene in developing solid brick masonry units, Youmna A.Y. Ali, Ezzat H.A. Fahmy, Mohamed N. AbouZeid, Yoursy B.I. Shaheen, and Mohamed N.Abdel Mooty

Use of expanded polystyrene wastes in developing hollow block masonry units, Youmna A.Y. Ali, Ezzat H.A. Fahmy, Mohamed N. AbouZeid, Yoursy B.I. Shaheen, and Mohamed N.Abdel Mooty

Experimental and DFT investigation of electronic structure and ferromagnetic stable state in pristine and Mn: SnO2 NPs, Rezq Naji Aljawfi, M. Abu-Samak, Shalendra Kumar, and Mohamed A. Swillam

The development of video streaming industry in Egypt: examining its market environment and business model, Rasha Allam and Sylvia Chan-Olmsted

Broad-band Organic-Silicon Nanowire Hybrid Composites for Solar Energy Applications, Sara M. Almenabawy and Mohamed A. Swillam

The effect of timely loss recognition and accrual quality on corporate bond spread: The influence of legal and financial institutions, Noha Aly Zaher, Ehab K.A. Mohamed, and Mohamed A.K. Basuony

Simulation analysis of functional MoSe2 layer for ultra-thin Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells architecture, Tariq Alzoubi and Mohamed Moustafa

Cosm-nutraceutical nanovesicles for acne treatment: Physicochemical characterization and exploratory clinical experimentation, Sandra Sherif Amer and Wael Mamdouh Sayed Ahmed

Citizenship and secularisation(s), Ian A. Morrison

Impact of rare earth Dy+3 cations on the various parameters of nanocrystalline nickel spinel ferrite, Asima Anwar, Sonia Zulfiqar, Muhammad Asif Yousuf, Sameh A. Ragab, Muhammad Azhar Khan, Imran Shakir, and Muhammad Farooq Warsi

Wafer-Like CoS Architectures and Their Nanocomposites with Polypyrrole for Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications, Nabeela Ashraf, Muhammad Aadil, Sonia Zulfiqar, Humera Sabeeh, Muhammad Azhar Khan, Imran Shakir, Philips O. Agboola, and Muhammad Farooq Warsi

An innovative electrochemical platform for the sensitive determination of the hepatitis B inhibitor Entecavir with ionic liquid as a mediator, Aml M. Asran, Mona A. Mohamed, Nashaat Ahmed, Craig E. Banks, and Nageh K. Allam

Essential oil loaded pectin/chitosan nanoparticles preparation and optimization: via Box-Behnken design against MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines, Olivia A. Attallah, Amro Shetta, Fatma Elshishiny, and Wael Mamdouh

Hybrid ARQ-CQI Feedback-Based Access Scheme in Cognitive Radio Networks, Sara A. Attalla, Karim G. Seddik, Amr A. El-Sherif, and Sherif I. Rabia

Differential Unitary Space-Time Constellations from Spherical Codes, Kareem M. Attiah, Karim Seddik, and Ramy H. Gohary

Role of infill drilling in increasing reserves of the Western desert of Egypt: Case studies, Ahmed H. Awaad, Ahmed M. El-Maraghi, Ashraf Abdel Gawad, and Ahmed H. El-Banbi

Topological dyonic Taub-Bolt/NUT-AdS solutions: Thermodynamics and first law, Adel Awad and Somaya Eissa

Accurate and efficient leap-frog beam propagation method for modeling micro and nanophotonic structures, Ahmed B. Ayoub and Mohamed A. Swillam

Avoiding COVID-19 complications with diabetic patients could be achieved by multi-dose Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine: A case study of beta cells regeneration, B. M. Ayoub, E. Ramadan, N. Ashoush, M. M. Tadros, M. S. Hendy, M. M. Elmazar, and S. A. Mousa

Synthesis of Novel Bio-based Urea-Urethane Aerogels In-Situ Impregnated with Catalytic Metallic Nanoparticles for the Removal of Methylene Blue and Congo Red from Wastewater, Rasha A. Azzam and Tarek M. Madkour

Sustainability of education reforms: An investigation into the professional development component of usaid/egypt education reform program (erp, 2004-2009), Alaa Badran and Mustafa Toprak

Attitudes toward Advertising and Advertising Regulation among College Students in Egypt, Mohsen Bagnied, Mark Speece, and Ibrahim Hegazy

Structural and photocatalytic properties of new rare earth La3+ substituted MnFe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles, Mirza Mahmood Baig, Sonia Zulfiqar, Muhammad Asif Yousuf, Muhammad Touqeer, Sana Ullah, Philips O. Agboola, Muhammad Farooq Warsi, and Imran Shakir


Framing open educational practices from a social justice perspective, Maha Bali, Catherine Cronin, and Rajiv S. Jhangiani

Total factor productivity (TFP) and fiscal consolidation: How harmful is austerity?, Ioanna Bardaka, Ioannis Bournakis, and Georgia Kaplanoglou

When marketization encounters centralized governance: Private Higher education in Egypt, Ghada Barsoum

Why is the Public Sector the Employer of Choice among Women in the Middle East? A Gendered Qualitative Inquiry into PSM in a Global Context, Ghada Barsoum

When Marketization Encounters Centralized Governance: Private Higher Education in Egypt, Ghada F. Barsoum

CuxNi1-xO nanostructures and their nanocomposites with reduced graphene oxide: Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic applications, Bushra Bashir, Muhammad Usman Khalid, Muhammad Aadil, Sonia Zulfiqar, Muhammad Farooq Warsi, Philips O. Agboola, and Imran Shakir

A High Performance Electrochemical Sensor for Pb2+ Ions Based on Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized CoMn2O4 Nanocomposite, Nagina Bashir, Mehwish Akhtar, Hafiza Zahra Rab Nawaz, Muhammad Farooq Warsi, Imran Shakir, Philips O. Agboola, and Sonia Zulfiqar

Big data analytics of corporate internet disclosures, Mohamed A.K. Basuony, Ehab K.A. Mohamed, Ahmed Elragal, and Khaled Hussainey

Novel approach for effective removal of methylene blue dye from water using fava bean peel waste, Omar S. Bayomie, Haitham Kandeel, Tamer Shoeib, Hu Yang, Noha Youssef, and Mayyada M.H. El-Sayed

Society and Public Policy in the Middle East and North Africa, Shahjahan Bhuiyan and Ali Farazmand

Unpublished Mediterranean records of marine alien and cryptogenic species, Arthur Remco Bos

Anti-Lessepsian migration rectified: the Comber Serranus cabrilla (L. 1758) existed in the Red Sea prior to the Suez Canal opening, Arthur R. Bos, Joel Ogwang, Michel Bariche, Mizuki Horoiwa, Menna Megahed, Amged Ouf, and Nina Yasuda

Dividend policy and probability of extreme returns, Mohammed Bouaddi, Omar Farooq, and Neveen Ahmed

Training, human capital, and gender gaps in entrepreneurial performance, Zuzana Brixiová, Thierry Kangoye, and Mona Said

Holocene large lake development and desiccation: Changing habitats in the Kharga Basin of the Egyptian Sahara, Judith Bunbury, Salima Ikram, and Corinne Roughley

Binary WO3-ZnO nanostructures supported rGO ternary nanocomposite for visible light driven photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue, Khadija Chaudhary, Nusrat Shaheen, Sonia Zulfiqar, Muhammad Ilyas Sarwar, Muhammad Suleman, Philips O. Agboola, Imran Shakir, and Muhammad Farooq Warsi

Closing reflections, Ronnie Close, Catherine Grant, Sarah E. James, and Sandra Plummer

Towards Reinforcing Healthcare 4.0: A Green Real-Time IIoT Scheduling and Nesting Architecture For COVID-19 Large-Scale 3D Printing Tasks, Lamis R. Darwish, Mahmoud M. Farag, and Mohamed T. El-Wakad

High-performance work systems and organizational performance across societal cultures, Ali Dastmalchian, Nick Bacon, Nicola McNeil, Claudia Steinke, Paul Blyton, Medha Satish Kumar, Secil Bayraktar, Werner Auer-Rizzi, Ali Ahmad Bodla, Richard Cotton, Tim Craig, Behice Ertenu, Mohammad Habibi, Heh Jason Huang, Havva Pınar İmer, Che Ruhana Isa, Ayman Ismail, Yuan Jiang, Hayat Kabasakal, Carlotta Meo Colombo, Sedigheh Moghavvemi, Tuheena Mukherjee, Ghazali Bin Musa, Philip Sugai, Ningyu Tang, Troung Thi Nam Thang, and Renin Varnali

Fabrication of GdFO3-Carbon nanotubes nanocomposites for enhanced photocatalytic applications, Aysha Daud, Muammad Farooq Warsi, Sonia Zulfiqar, Philips O. Agboola, Aziz ur Rehman, and Imran Shakir

Sexuality as a standard of civilization: Historicizing (homo)colonial intersections of race, gender, and class, Andrew Delatolla

Oxygen Vacancy-Engineered Ti−Mo−Ni Ternary Oxide Nanotubes as Binder-Free Supercapacitor Electrodes with Exceptional Potential Window, Nourhan M. Deyab, Nashaat Ahmed, and Nageh K. Allam


Electrochemical Fabrication of Ternary Black Ti-Mo-Ni Oxide Nanotube Arrays for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation, Nourhan M. Deyab, Kholoud E. Salem, Abdelrahman M. Mokhtar, Mohamed Ramadan, Patrick Steegstra, Annick Hubin, Marie Paule Delplancke, Hubert Rahier, and Nageh K. Allam

Electrochemical Fabrication of Ternary Black Ti-Mo-Ni Oxide Nanotube Arrays for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation, Nourhan M. Deyab, Kholoud E. Salem, Abdelrahman M. Mokhtar, Mohamed Ramadan, Patrick Steegstra, Annick Hubin, Marie Paule Delplancke, Hubert Rahier, and Nageh K. Allam

On “Overspecification” in Medieval Mathematical Diagrams, Gregg De Young

Experimental and Analytical Investigation of the Response of a Triboelectric Generator Under Different Operating Conditions, Mohamed A. Elbanna, Mustafa H. Arafa, and Chris R. Bowen

Deferred Cooling System for Desert Climates, M. F. El Bedaiwy, M. S. El Morsi, and M. A. Serag-Eldin

Deep convolutional neural networks for face and iris presentation attack detection: Survey and case study, Yomna Safaa El-Din, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Hani Mahdi

Erratum: Fullerene C76as a novel electrocatalyst for VO2+/VO2+and chlorine evolution inhibitor in all-vanadium redox flow batteries (Chemical Communications (2020) 56 (7569-7572) DOI: 10.1039/D0CC03544K), Farah A. El Diwany, Basant A. Ali, Ehab N. El Sawy, and Nageh K. Allam

Fullerene C76 as a novel electrocatalyst for VO2+/VO2+ and chlorine evolution inhibitor in all-vanadium redox flow batteries, Farah A. El Diwany, Basant A. Ali, Ehab N. El Sawy, and Nageh K. Allam

A facile synthesis of zeolitic analcime/spongy graphene nanocomposites as novel hybrid electrodes for symmetric supercapacitors, Dalia M. El-Gendy, Rasha M.Abd El Wahab, Mohamed M. Selim, and Nageh K. Allam

Experimental study of a small scale bi-directional axial impulse turbine for acoustic-to-mechanical power conversion, M. A. Elhawary, Abdelmaged H. Ibrahim, Ashraf S. Sabry, and Ehab Abdel-Rahman

Conserving by aesthetics, conserving by development: the rescaling and worlding of global south heritage, Momen El-Husseiny and Nihal Hafez

Robust in-plane structures oscillation monitoring by terrestrial photogrammetry, Omar El-Kadi, Adel El-Shazly, and Khaled Nassar

A hybrid force/displacement performance-based seismic design procedure for rc frames, Soha Elkassas, Ezzeldin Sayed-Ahmed, and Ezzat Fahmy

EdgeSumm: Graph-based framework for automatic text summarization, Wafaa S. El-Kassas, Cherif R. Salama, Ahmed A. Rafea, and Hoda K. Mohamed

Lessons learned in adapting an online intervention program for posttraumatic stress for use in Egypt, Kate Ellis and Laura E. Miller-Graff

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Wireless Communications: Principles, Challenges, and Opportunities, Mohamed A. Elmossallamy, Hongliang Zhang, Lingyang Song, Karim G. Seddik, Zhu Han, and Geoffrey Ye Li

A model for calculating bottom-hole pressure from simple surface data in pumped wells, Rana M. El-Saghier, Mahmoud Abu El Ela, and Ahmed El-Banbi