Submit Your Work: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Most scholarly and creative works can be submitted directly to AUC Knowledge Fountain. Please click on the link for the appropriate category to begin the submission process. Make sure you refer to the submission guidelines for each category as you fill in the submission form.

Some publications do not allow authors to submit directly. In these cases, you will be provided with a mail form to contact the appropriate administrator for further instruction.

Student Research
Theses and Dissertations

MA theses and PhD dissertations.
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Papers, Posters, and Presentations

Use this link to submit copies of journal articles, conference presentations and posters, book chapters, or any other type of text-based research output.
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Capstone and Graduation Projects

Submit capstone and graduation projects here.
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Audiovisual Projects

Audio or video recordings: interviews, documentaries, performances, etc... .
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The Undergraduate Research Journal (URJe)

URJe publishes original research articles and creative works by undergraduate students.
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Performances and Events

Recordings of musical or dramatic performances, short films, and other creative events.
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