Policies for Theses and Dissertations


Theses and Dissertations only publishes theses and dissertations prepared by students of the American University in Cairo in fulfillment of a graduation requirement at the University. Theses and dissertations must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for inclusion in Theses and Dissertations.

  • The uploaded document must be the final version of the thesis or dissertation, which incorporates all corrections and changes requested during the review and defense.
  • The thesis or dissertation must have been approved by all parties: proof of such approval must be provided in the form of scanned copy of the signature page, which must include the signature of the school dean.
  • The thesis or dissertation complies with all policies and procedures established by the University, its schools and departments. Authors may be required to upload proof of such compliance during the submission process./li>
  • The content of the thesis or dissertation complies with and does not violate any of the terms of the submission agreement.
Documents that do not meet these criteria may be rejected or removed. For additional information, please contact thesisadmin@aucegypt.edu.

Embargos and restrictions

During the submission process, authors will be given an opportunity to determine the availability of their thesis or dissertation. Authors may elect to make their thesis or dissertation available online immediately after the submission has been approved. This option is preferred.

Authors may also choose to restrict online access for six, twelve, and twenty-four months from the date of submission. These options should be chosen only for a specific reason (such as a pending patent, or a publication under review), or after discussing embargo options with the thesis supervisor. After the embargo period elapses, the thesis or dissertation will automatically become available online.

Extensions of the embargo period beyond the period of twenty-four months from the date of submission are only granted in exceptional circumstances. Authors requesting a prolonged embargo must submit a request in writing to thesisadmin@aucegypt.edu.

Rights and Permissions

Submission to Theses and Dissertations does not entail a transfer of rights: Authors retain full copyright to their thesis or dissertation, and may publish their research with a commercial publisher. However, authors will be required to agree to the terms of the Submission Agreement, and grant a public license which enables AUC to publish the thesis or dissertation online. As part of the Submission Agreement, authors must warrant that they have the necessary rights to do so.

If a thesis uses third party materials (e.g. images, tables, maps, ...), authors must secure the necessary permissions for all of these materials before uploading their thesis or dissertation.