The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo (AUC). It is a focal point for policymakers, officials, academics, experts, journalists, students, and others in the Middle East region who follow global affairs. It is also a platform that gives perspectives from the region a voice in international policy conversations and debates.

The Cairo Review strives to be the premier global affairs and public policy journal in the Middle East. In print and online, it seeks to take its place among leading international journals distinguished by its Middle East accent. To that end, the Cairo Review aims to be a media organization from the region that maintains the highest professional standards and recruits top-notch writers to contribute to its vision.

  • Managing Editors: Firas Al-Atraqchi, Karim Haggag
  • Senior Editor: Nadeen Shaker
  • Deputy Senior Editor: Omar Auf
  • Associate Editor: Abigail Flynn
  • Contributing Editors: Sydney Wise, Leslie Cohen, Sean David Hobbs, Ariana Bennett


Submissions from 2019

Welcome to the Second Industrial Revolution!, Erin Hayes

A Whole Government Effort, Sean David Hobbs

Getting Back on Keel, Sean David Hobbs

Security for All of for None, Sean David Hobbs

Pompeo's "Real New Beginning"?, Sean David Hobbs and Nadeen Shaker

Israel in the Age of Netanyahu, Allison Hodgkins

Mirroring the Other, Allison Hodgkins

Netanyahu's Masterful Gaslighting, Allison Hodgkins

Middle East WMD-Free Zone: Thinking the Possible, Paul Ingram and Emad Kiyaei

Rebuilding Iraq: Prospects and Challenges, Abbas Kadhim

The Peacemakers' War, Bahgat Korany

Rule of the Rigid Compromiser, Cheng Li and Diana Liang

A New Dawn in Egypt?, Mona Makram-Ebeid

Keeping the Hope of Peace Alive, Federica Mogherini

Palestine Prevented, Shourideh C. Molavi

A Win-Win for Iran and the Region, Seyed Hossein Mousavian

Has America's Inflence Ebbed?, Andrew S. Natsios

Sailing Into a Universe of Knowledge, Tarek Osman

Keeping Afghanistan in Afghanistan, Bruce Pannier

The Cost of Clean Water, Zander Pellegrino

Can Israel Survive Netanyahu?, Dan Perry

Reflections on Camp David at 40, William B. Quandt

The Players of Camp David, Elyakim Rubinstein

Prioritizing Peace Ahead of Economics, Mariam Safi

Thinking Arab Future, Paul Salem

Rethinking Gaza's Reconstruction, Mohammed Samhouri

A Nuclear Curse and a Nuclear Blessing, Selim Sazak

Developing the Concept of Palestinian Autonomy, Joel Singer

Rethinking the Two States, Jessie Steinhauer

Sister of the Rebels, Marley Dizney Swanson

Reforming UN Peacekeeping, Ashraf Swelam

Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament in the Middle East, Amanda Tapp

A Disaster of the Political Class, David Wearing

A Disaster of the Political Class, David Wearing

Reinventing Peace in Syria, Achim Wennmann

Lessons from the Thirteen Days in September, Lawernce Wright

Half Right and Still Waiting, Micheal Yaffe, Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen, and Robert Barron

Kurdistan: A State or a State of Mind?, Guney Yildiz

Submissions from 2018

Reflections of a Statesman, Asmaa Abdallah

"My Principle is to Unveil the Mind", Asmaa Abdallah and Nadeen Shaker

Raqqa Youth and the Devastation of War, Abdulrahman al-Masri

A Horrible Game Changer, Ghaith Al-Omari

The Inflection Point, Jon B. Alterman

The Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, Abdel Monem Said Aly

The Long Struggle for Women's Rights, Odharnait Ansbro

What's Next for Gaza, Geoffrey Aronson

Migration Myths and the Global South, Ibrahim Awad and Usha Natarajan

The New Age of Renewable Energy, Jeffery Ball

Educated, But Will She Work?, Ghada Barsoum

The Iranian-Israeli Confrontation in West Syria, Maysam Behravesh