The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo (AUC). It is a focal point for policymakers, officials, academics, experts, journalists, students, and others in the Middle East region who follow global affairs. It is also a platform that gives perspectives from the region a voice in international policy conversations and debates.

The Cairo Review strives to be the premier global affairs and public policy journal in the Middle East. In print and online, it seeks to take its place among leading international journals distinguished by its Middle East accent. To that end, the Cairo Review aims to be a media organization from the region that maintains the highest professional standards and recruits top-notch writers to contribute to its vision.

  • Managing Editors: Firas Al-Atraqchi, Karim Haggag
  • Senior Editor: Nadeen Shaker
  • Deputy Senior Editor: Omar Auf
  • Associate Editor: Abigail Flynn
  • Contributing Editors: Sydney Wise, Leslie Cohen, Sean David Hobbs, Ariana Bennett


Submissions from 2012

Boomerang, Hassan Yassin

Now, the Education Revolution, Malak Zaalouk

We Must Dream, Ahmed Zewail

Submissions from 2011

The Revolution Will be Tweeted, Rasha A. Abdulla

Narrating the Revolution, Alaa Al Aswany

Arab Voices, Hafez Al Mirazi

Brazil and the Middle East, Celso Amorim

"I Didn't See it Coming", Hossam Badrawi

Joining Hezbollah, Nicholas Blanford

A University and a Revolution, Lauren E. Bohn

Islam and Gender, Lauren E. Bohn

Lisa Anderson's World View, Lauren E. Bohn

William B. Quandt on the Peace Process: “At a dead end”, Lauren E. Bohn

Old Funny Song, Lauren E. Bohn and Madeline B. Welsh

After Apartheid, Nicholas Borain

Global Goverance, Jennifer Bremer

Nelson Mandela's Legacy, John Carlin

Great Games, Local Rules, Alexander Cooley

Governing a World with HIV and AIDS, Alex de Waal

Training Arab Policy Makers, Ross S. Donohue

Seeking Justice, Aida Seif El-Dawla

Rise of the Brothers, Essam El-Erian

Egypt's Challenges, Mohamed A. El-Erian

A More Assertive Arab Foreign Policy, Nabil Fahmy

The Worst Kept-Secret, Nabil Fahmy

The People Reloaded, Nazila Fathi

"I want a Democratic Egypt", Essra Abdel Fattah

An Emerging New World Order, Pravin Gordhan

The Struggle for Middle East Democracy, Shadi Hamid

From Dictatorship to Democracy, Amr Hamzawy

Egypt's Search for Truth, Micheal Wahid Hanna

"People Need Tools", Walter Isaacson

Faith and Hope in Egypt, Amr Khaled

Region in Revolt, Rami G. Khouri

Negotiating Peace in Sudan, Princeton N. Lyman

Inside Egypt's Uprising, Scott MacLeod

South Africa Clout, Scott MacLeod

Arab Spring seen from Tehran, Trita Parsi

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Now, William B. Quandt

Aftershock, Joshua Cooper Ramo

This Burning Land, Jonathan Randal

Decision Points, Shibley Telhami

The Climate Change Challenge, Mostafa K. Tolba

The Erdogan Effect: Turkey, Egypt and the Future of the Middle East, Kadir Ustun and Nuh Yilmaz

Africa, Famine,and Solutions, Madeline B. Welsh

A Women's Business, Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc., Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc. 2, Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc 3, Madeline B. Welsh

Free Speech in the Age of Twitter, Jilian C. York