The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo (AUC). It is a focal point for policymakers, officials, academics, experts, journalists, students, and others in the Middle East region who follow global affairs. It is also a platform that gives perspectives from the region a voice in international policy conversations and debates.

The Cairo Review strives to be the premier global affairs and public policy journal in the Middle East. In print and online, it seeks to take its place among leading international journals distinguished by its Middle East accent. To that end, the Cairo Review aims to be a media organization from the region that maintains the highest professional standards and recruits top-notch writers to contribute to its vision.

  • Managing Editors: Firas Al-Atraqchi, Karim Haggag
  • Senior Editor: Nadeen Shaker
  • Deputy Senior Editor: Omar Auf
  • Associate Editor: Abigail Flynn
  • Contributing Editors: Sydney Wise, Leslie Cohen, Sean David Hobbs, Ariana Bennett


Submissions from 2012

Addresses by President Barak Obama on the Middle East (2009-2012), Jonathan Guyer

Carbon Democracy, Jonathan Guyer

Still Mightier Than the Sword, Jonathan Guyer

The Shape of Things to Come, Jonathan Guyer

Brother President, Shadi Hamid

A Need for Justice, Micheal Wahid Hanna

Science Under Siege, Matthew Harsh

Educating Turks, Ebru Ilhan

Kill or Capture, Malou Innocent

Egypt's Political Transition, Ghazala Irshad

Lost in the Middle East, Amaney A. Jamal

Sailboat Diplomacy, Stephen Kalin

Outlook for Obamacare, Katie Keith and Tanya Baytor

Democracy's Growing Pains, Ashraf Khalil

Exceptional People, Shaden Khallaf

Refugee Limbo, Shaden Khallaf

American Media Bias, Rami G. Khouri

A Deep, Deep Sleep, Tom Kutsch

Long View, Fritz Lodge

A New Voice for Israel, Scott MacLeod

"I don't have a crystal ball", Scott MacLeod

Strategic Patience, Scott MacLeod

Strategic Thinking, Scott MacLeod

To Mars and Beyond, Scott MacLeod

Dealing with Iran, Reza Marashi

Energy Justice, Clark A. Miller

Inside the Cage, Nancy Okail

The Fall of Hosni Mubarak, Tarek Osman

The Second Egyptian Republic, Tarek Osman

Thinking, Fast and Slow, Sheila Peuchaud

Canadidates in the 2012 Egyptian Presidental Election, Thomas Plofchan

Witness to an Election, and to History, Thomas Plofchan

Erdogan's Decade, Hugh Pope

"Freedom, Freedom, Come, Embrace Us", Mona Prince

Our Carbon Footprint, Marc Rauch and Richard Tutwiler

Cairo: A Memoir, Eric Rouleau

That Used to Be Us, Tarek Selim

Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad, Lara Setrakian

Twilight of the Elites, Maggie Severns

Midan el-Tahrir, Ahdaf Soueif

Revolution 2.0, Wendell Steavenson

Liars, Judith Veenkamp

Chomsky in Tahrir, Madeline B. Welsh

Elections, American-Style, Madeline B. Welsh

Images of War, Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc 4, Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc 5, Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc 6, Madeline B. Welsh

Oriental Hall, Etc 7, Madeline B. Welsh

Assault on Human Rights, Daniel Willams