The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo (AUC). It is a focal point for policymakers, officials, academics, experts, journalists, students, and others in the Middle East region who follow global affairs. It is also a platform that gives perspectives from the region a voice in international policy conversations and debates.

The Cairo Review strives to be the premier global affairs and public policy journal in the Middle East. In print and online, it seeks to take its place among leading international journals distinguished by its Middle East accent. To that end, the Cairo Review aims to be a media organization from the region that maintains the highest professional standards and recruits top-notch writers to contribute to its vision.

  • Managing Editors: Firas Al-Atraqchi, Karim Haggag
  • Senior Editor: Nadeen Shaker
  • Deputy Senior Editors: Leslie Cohen, Omar Auf
  • Associate Editor: Dania El Akkawi
  • Assistant Editors: Farah Bassyouni, Jamie Ruchser


Submissions from 2020

Annexation Makes No Policy Sense, Daniel C. Kurtzer

COVID-19: Lessons from the Black Death, Peter L. Larson

Will China's E-commerce Reshape a Reopening World?, Cheng Li and Ryan McElveen

Trash Sorters: Entrepreneurs in Africa, Carl Manlan

Strategizing Toward Irrelevance, Alessia Melcangi

The EU and the Med: Is Geography Still Destiny?, James Moran

Enhancing Mediterranean Integration, Blanca Moreno-Dodson

South Africa after Covid-19: Recovery or Recession, Helmo Preuss

The Disrupting Stabilizer, Samuel Ramani

Political Narratives in the Middle East and North Africa: Conceptions of Order and Perceptions of Instability, Helen Rizzo

Toward Arab Food Security, M. Anis Salem and Natasha Banks

Egypt's Diplomacy: An Insider's Critique, Paul Salem

Mustafa Amin's Legacy Revived, Basant Samhout

Water Rivalry on the Nile, Hani Sewilam

Can Arab Cities Be Eco-Sustainable?, David Sims

A Question of Delivery, Ahmed Taher

Our Future as Climate Refugees, Amanda Tapp

Seeds of Gulf-Africa Agribusiness, Sarah Townsend

Resisting the Tide of Bigotry, Jonathan Weisman

Anatomy of a Revolution, Sydeny Wise

Players on the Libyan Chessboard, Sydeny Wise

Re-Engineering Regional Security, Sydeny Wise

The U.S.-Middle East Future: In the Face of Fatigue, Sydeny Wise

Myths about Food Security and Water, Eckart Woertz

Submissions from 2019

End of War, but Not of Conflict, Amr Adly, Ibrahim Awad, and Muhammed Alaraby

Facing the Nuclear Storm, Ali Ahmad and Benedetta Bonometti

Beyond Sanctions, Farnaz Alimehri

The Oslo Accords: A Closer Look, Nasser Alkidwa

Oslo's Mangled Legacy, Ghaith Al-Omari

The Case for the One-State Solution, Abdel Monem Said Aly

The Return of Geopolitics, Abdel Monem Said Aly

Turkey's Pan-Islamist Foreign Policy, Birol Baskan

Oslo and Camp David: One and the Same?, Yossi Beilin

Erdogan's Failure on the Nile, Soner Cagaptay

A Man for All Ages, Perry Cammack

A Man for All Ages, Perry Cammack

Faith That Pease Will One Day Come, Jimmy Carter

When the Shooting Stops, Suma Chakrabarti

The Desert, a Resource Curse, Leslie Cohen

When the Shake-Up Comes, Leslie Cohen

Forward...But Where To?, Dario Cristiani

Witnesses of Peace, Claire Davenport and Tess Santorelli

Cohesion through Decentralization, Alexander Decina

No-Peace Solution, Nabil Elaraby

The Neo-Ballistic Middle East, Karim El-Baz

In Syria, Reconstruction Brings Little Hope for Peace, Jasmine El-Gamal

Arab Spring Revisited, Nabil Fahmy

Asymmetry, the Spoiler, Nabil Fahmy

Avoiding an Ominous Arms Race, Nabil Fahmy

Opportunity of the Century?, Nabil Fahmy