The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo (AUC). It is a focal point for policymakers, officials, academics, experts, journalists, students, and others in the Middle East region who follow global affairs. It is also a platform that gives perspectives from the region a voice in international policy conversations and debates.

The Cairo Review strives to be the premier global affairs and public policy journal in the Middle East. In print and online, it seeks to take its place among leading international journals distinguished by its Middle East accent. To that end, the Cairo Review aims to be a media organization from the region that maintains the highest professional standards and recruits top-notch writers to contribute to its vision.

  • Managing Editors: Firas Al-Atraqchi, Karim Haggag
  • Senior Editor: Nadeen Shaker
  • Deputy Senior Editors: Leslie Cohen, Omar Auf
  • Associate Editor: Dania El Akkawi
  • Assistant Editors: Farah Bassyouni, Jamie Ruchser


Submissions from 2021

Iran and the GCC: Prospects for a Grand Reconciliation, Sharmine Narwani

State, Media, and Political Messaging in Contemporary Turkey, Ozge Ozduzen

A Pandemic of Vaccine and Technology Hoarding: Unmasking Global Inequality and Hypocrisy, Lauren Paremoer

The Long Road to African Tourism Recovery, Helmo Preuss

What to Expect from Biden in the Middle East, William B. Quandt

Who Feels Climate Anxiety?, Sarah Jaquette Ray

Does the Biden Administration Have Time for Foreign Policy?, Basant Samhout

Young People Are Leading Climate Activism in the Middle East, Neeshad Shafi

Leading Israel into an Empty Future, Richard Silverstein

This Watershed Moment for the Land(s) between the River and the Sea, Richard Silverstein

A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Sahara Africa, Djiby Thiam

A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Sahara Africa, Djiby Thiam

A Climate Crisis in Afria: The Case of South Sudan, Nhial Tiitmamer

Can the Arab Region Meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?, Mourad Wahba

Biden Bolstering Diplomacy, Sydeny Wise

Biden Negotiating the Balance of Power, Sydeny Wise

Funding Feminism: Grantmaking for Women's Rights, Sydeny Wise

Saving a Water-Stressed Middle East, Neda Zawahri

Submissions from 2020

A Surplus of Deficits, Amr Adly

How Sudan Transitions, Hamid Eltgani Ali

Turkey's Energy Geopollitics, Meliha Benli Altunisik

Beginning to Resolve Displacement, David Arnold, Lorenza Rossi, Grace Benton, and Nina Stuurman

Deconstructing Fukuyama, Ibrahim Awad

The Prospects for Conflict or Cooperation, Henri J. Barkey and Ellen Laipson

Gas Finds for the People?, Jason Beckett

Receding Multilateralism and the Role of the Dollar in a COVID-19 World, Abel Beshai

The World is Watching the United States, Diana Bartelli Carlin

No Land in Paraguay, William Costa

Averting a Total Collapse, Thomas L. Crisman

Abortion and the Political Futures of Women's Rights, Andrew Delatolla

Greece's Resource Blessing Comes with Hurdles, Antonia Dimou

Society 5.0 and the Future Economies, Hesham Dinana

Libya's Fragmentation, Tim Eaton

Arabs Try to Make Sense of What is Happening in the United States, Dania El Akkawi

Climate Change and COVID-19: There is More Than One Curve to Flatten, Dania El Akkawi

What does a Trump or Biden presidency mean for Israel and Palestine?, Khaled Elgindy

Short Perspectives on the United States' foreign policy in the Middle East after the November 2020 Presidental Election, Nabil Fahmy

The Most Severe Threat Facing MENA, Nabil Fahmy

Egypt's Most Vulnerable and COVID-19, Elena Habersky

Architect of Enterprise, Alexandra Hall

America Leads by Living up to Its Ideals, Sean David Hobbs

Embracing Change: U.S. Foreign Policy Shifts, Sean David Hobbs

Explaining How Washington and the Election Works, Sean David Hobbs

Will the U.S. Evolve its Foreign Policy from Past Mistakes?, Sean David Hobbs

Islam in America, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Edge of Survival, Peter J. Jacques

Sustainable Humanism Needed, Peter J. Jacques

It is Time to Establish a Middle East Regional Security System, Peter Jones

Striving for Water and Food Security, Omer Karasapan

Reluctant Power Europe, Kevin Koehler