Most Recent Additions*


Moodle Assessment Tools and Best Practices
Ernesto Lopez and Kurt Becker


Water and Sustainability
Hani Sewilam and Brent Haddad


Egypt Non Conventional Water Resources
Dawood Abdelhamid Dawood


The impending Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) spread through municipal wastewater
Rominder Suri, Achinta Bordoloi, Daniel Caldwell, Dabojani Das, and Mohan Achary


Climate Change Adaption and Water Resources in Egypt
Hany Sewilam, Brent Haddad, Ayman Abo-Hadid, Mohamed Bayoumi, and Abdulla Ashraf


Climate Change Webinar
Brent Haddad, Sherif Hosny, Mohamed Bayoumi, and Michael Loik

*Updated as of 09/24/21.