Submissions from 2022

Performance Study on Extractive Text Summarization Using BERT Models, Shehab Abdel-Salam and Ahmed Rafea

Object recognition and localization enhancement in visual prostheses: a real-time mixed reality simulation, Reham H. Elnabawy, Slim Abdennadher, Olaf Hellwich, and Seif Eldawlatly

Object recognition and localization enhancement in visual prostheses: a real-time mixed reality simulation, Reham H. Elnabawy, Slim Abdennadher, Olaf Hellwich, and Seif Eldawlatly

Dynamic Conditional Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving, Hesham M. Eraqi, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Jens Honer


Dynamic Conditional Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving, Hesham M. Eraqi, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Jens Honer

Dynamic Conditional Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving, Hesham M. Eraqi, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Jens Honer

Selecting third-party libraries: the data scientist’s perspective, Sarah Nadi and Nourhan Sakr


MTEDS: Multivariant Time Series-Based Encoder-Decoder System for Anomaly Detection, A. Reyana, Sandeep Kautish, I. S. Yahia, and Ali Wagdy Mohamed

A novel framework for brain tumor detection based on convolutional variational generative models, Wessam M. Salama and Ahmed Shokry

DeepFeat: Robust Large-Scale Multi-Features Outdoor Localization in LTE Networks Using Deep Learning, Moustafa Youssef, Amel Mohamed, Mohamed Tharwat, and Mohamed Magdy

Submissions from 2021

Fault: Open-Source EDA's Missing DFT Toolchain, Manar Abdelatty, Mohamed Gaber, and Mohamed Shalan

Towards Cs-ion supercapacitors: Cs intercalation in polymorph MoS2as a model 2D electrode material, Basant A. Ali, Ahmed H. Biby, and Nageh K. Allam

Toward the Proper Selection of Carbon Electrode Materials for Energy Storage Applications: Experimental and Theoretical Insights, Basant A. Ali, Ahmed H. Biby, and Nageh K. Allam

Mechanistic effects of blending formic acid with ethanol on Pd activity towards formic acid oxidation in acidic media, Taher Al Najjar, Nashaat Ahmed, and Ehab N. El Sawy

Anionic/nonionic surfactants for controlled synthesis of highly concentrated sub-50 nm polystyrene spheres, Taher Al Najjar, Nageh K. Allam, and Ehab N. El Sawy

NileOS: A Distributed Asymmetric Core-Based Micro-Kernel for Big Data Processing, Ahmad El-Rouby, Andrew Khalaf, Arig Mostafa, Fady Mohamed, Nour Ghaly, Amr El-Kadi, and Karim Sobh

Autonomous driving in the face of unconventional odds, Hesham M. Eraqi and Ibrahim Sobh

Automatic roadway features detection with oriented object detection, Hesham M. Eraqi, Karim Soliman, Dalia Said, Omar R. Elezaby, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Hossam Abdelgawad

Few-Shot System Identification for Reinforcement Learning, Karim Farid and Nourhan Sakr

Dbknot a transparent and seamless, pluggable, tamper evident database, Islam Khalil, Sherif El-Kassas, and Karim Sobh

Finite element analysis of multilayered ZnO/AIN/Si structure saw sensor for efficient VOCs gas detection, M. Moustafa, T. Alzoubi, M. Elnaggar, and G. Laouini

Towards high-efficiency CZTS solar cells via p-MoS2 interfacial layer optimisation, Mohamed Moustafa, Tariq AlZoubi, and Shadi Yasin

Towards high-efficiency cztse solar cells through the optimization of the p-MoSe2 interfacial layer, Mohamed Moustafa, Tariq AlZoubi, Shadi Yasin, Ziad Abu Waar, and Ahmad Moghrabi

New exact solutions for the nonlinear Schrödinger's equation with anti-cubic nonlinearity term via Lie group method, Mohamed Moustafa, Amr M. Amin, and Ghaylen Laouini

Finite element analysis of SAW sensor with ZnO substrate for dichloromethane (DCM) gas detection, Mohamed Moustafa, Ghaylen Laouini, and Tariq Alzoubi

Investigation into surface acoustic wave sensor for DCM gas detection using COMSOL multiphysics, Mohamed Moustafa, Ghaylen Laouini, Mostafa ElNaggar, and Tariq AlZoubi

Numerical analysis of the role of p-MoSe2 interfacial layer in CZTSe thin-film solar cells using SCAPS simulation, M. Moustafa, T. Al Zoubi, and S. Yasin

Submissions from 2020

Deep convolutional neural networks for face and iris presentation attack detection: Survey and case study, Yomna Safaa El-Din, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Hani Mahdi

EdgeSumm: Graph-based framework for automatic text summarization, Wafaa S. El-Kassas, Cherif R. Salama, Ahmed A. Rafea, and Hoda K. Mohamed

Deep Learning for Multi-Tissue Cancer Classification of Gene Expressions (GeneXNet), Tarek Khorshed, Mohamed N. Moustafa, and Ahmed Rafea

Filtering users accounts for enhancing the results of social media mining tasks, May Shalaby and Ahmed Rafea

A Tickless AMP Distributed Core-Based Microkernel for Big Data, Karim Sobh and Amr El-Kadi

Submissions from 2019

Correction to: Optimization of energy-constrained wireless powered communication networks with heterogeneous nodes (Wireless Networks, (2019), 10.1007/s11276-017-1587-x), Mohamed A. Abd-Elmagid, Tamer ElBatt, and Karim G. Seddik

Optimization of energy-constrained wireless powered communication networks with heterogeneous nodes, Mohamed A. Abd-Elmagid, Tamer ElBatt, and Karim G. Seddik

Towards Optimal Resource Allocation in Wireless Powered Communication Networks with Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access, Mariam M. N. Aboelwafa, Karim G. Seddik, and Tamer ElBatt

Numerical optimization of absorber and CdS buffer layers in CIGS solar cells using SCAPS, Tariq Alzoubi and Mohamed Moustafa

Influence of emotions on software developer productivity, Mohammed Anany, Heba Hussien, Sherif G. Aly, and Nourhan Sakr

Optimal Throughput Performance in Full-Duplex Relay Assisted Cognitive Networks, Tamer ElBatt

SDWM: Software defined Wi-Fi mobility for smart IoT carriers, Walaa F. Elsadek and Mikhail N. Mikhail

Driver Distraction Identification with an Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks, Hesham M. Eraqi and Mohamed Nabil Moustafa

Unsupervised topic extraction from twitter: A feature-pivot approach, Nada A. GabAllah and Ahmed Rafea

Fundamental limits of memory-latency tradeoff in fog radio access networks under arbitrary demands, Antonious M. Girgis, Ozgur Ercetin, Mohammed Nafie, and Tamer ElBatt

An Algorithm for Computing Average Mutual Information Using Probability Distribution Smoothing, Amr Mohamed Goneid

Generating large scale images using GANs, Mohamed Mohsen and Mohamed Moustafa

Numerical simulation of single junction ingan solar cell by scaps, Mohamed Moustafa and Tariq Alzoubi

Cost-aware load balancing for multilingual record linkage using MapReduce, Cherif Salama

SATALex: Telecom domain-specific sentiment lexicons for egyptian and Gulf Arabic dialects, Amira Shoukry and Ahmed Rafea

Safest: Secure actions for ftp environment with smart token, Tarek S. Sobh and Awad H. Khalil

Submissions from 2018

SenseIO: Realistic Ubiquitous Indoor Outdoor Detection System Using Smartphones, Tamer ElBatt

Towards Extended Bit Tracking for Scalable and Robust RFID Tag Identification Systems, Tamer ElBatt

Stable Throughput of Cooperative Cognitive Networks with Energy Harvesting: Finite Relay Buffer and Finite Battery Capacity, Tamer ElBatt and Karim Gomaa Seddik

Enhancing translation from English to Arabic using two-phase decoder translation, Ayah ElMaghraby and Ahmed Rafea

Exploiting requirements engineering to resolve conflicts in pervasive computing systems, Osama M. Khaled, Hoda M. Hosny, and Mohamed Shalan

Securing Wargames System using Effective Virtual Private Network, Awad Hassaballah Khalil

Topic Detection Approaches in Identifying Topics and Events from Arabic Corpora, Ahmed Rafea and Nada A. Gaballah

VANET Security and Privacy - An Overview, cherif salama

Submissions from 2017

Formal Verification of Automotive Design in Compliance with ISO 26262 Design Verification Guidelines, Ghada Bahig and Amr El-Kadi

Energy-aware memory management for embedded multidimensional signal processing applications, Florin Balasa, Noha Abuaesh, Cristian V. Gingu, Ilie I. Luican, and Hongwei Zhu

CMML: A cloud metering markup language, Karim Sobh and Amr El-Kadi

Submissions from 2016

SRMIP: A software-defined RAN mobile IP framework for real time applications in wide area motion, Walaa Farouk Elsadek and Mikhail N. Mikhail

Optimizing the Detection of Antiviral-Resistant Influenza-A Strains using Machine Learning, N. Shaltout, Ahmed Rafea, Ahmed Moustafa, Mohamed Moustafa, and M. ElHefnawi

FusedCache: A Naturally Inclusive, Racetrack Memory, Dual-Level Private Cache, Haifeng Xu, Yousra Alkabani, Rami Melhem, and Alex K. Jones

Submissions from 2015

On the integration of interest and power awareness in social-aware opportunistic forwarding algorithms, Soumaia A. Al Ayyat, Khaled A. Harras, and Sherif G. Aly

Pre-MEGa: A proposed framework for the design and evaluation of preschoolers’ mobile educational games, Laila Shoukry, Christian Sturm, and Galal H. Galal-Edeen

Submissions from 2014

Schottky diode graphene based sensors, A. Ashour, M. Saqr, M. Abdelkarim, Aly Gamal, A. Sharaf, and M. Serry

Energy-efficient task allocation techniques for asymmetric multiprocessor embedded systems, Abdullah Elewi, Mohamed Shalan, Medhat Awadalla, and Elsayed M. Saad

Capturing security requirements for software systems, Hassan El-Hadary and Sherif El-Kassas

Information gain as a feature selection method for the efficient classification of influenza based on viral hosts, Nermeen A. Shaltout, Mahmoud El-Hefnawi, Ahmed Rafea, and Ahmed Moustafa

Submissions from 2013

Search context awareness in several ant colony optimization models, Ashraf M. Abdelbar and Donald C. Wunsch

OEE can be your key, Mohammed Hamed Ahmed

Friction and wear behavior of Al-CNT composites, Mina M.H. Bastwros, Amal M.K. Esawi, and Abdalla Wifi

Using minimal number of electrodes for emotion detection using brain signals produced from a new elicitation technique, Mina Mikhail, Khaled El-Ayat, James A. Coan, and John J.B. Allen

Utilizing multiple pheromones in an ant-based algorithm for continuous-attribute classification rule discovery, Khalid M. Salama, Ashraf M. Abdelbar, Fernando E.B. Otero, and Alex A. Freitas

Submissions from 2012

Alpha-beta pruning and Althöfer's pathology-free negamax algorithm, Ashraf M. Abdelbar

Promoting search diversity in ant colony optimization with stubborn ants, Ashraf M. Abdelbar and Donald C. Wunsch

Rapid development and deployment of bi-directional expert systems using machine translation technology, Khaled Shaalan, Ashraf Hendam, and Ahmed Rafea

Submissions from 2011

An accuracy-enhanced light stemmer for arabic text, Samhaa R. El-Beltagy and Ahmed Rafea

A context and service-oriented architecture with adaptive quality of service support, Dina Hafez, Sherif G. Aly, and Ahmed Sameh

Multiple pheromone types and other extensions to the Ant-Miner classification rule discovery algorithm, Khalid M. Salama, Ashraf M. Abdelbar, and Alex A. Freitas