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Movements combating racial segregation have existed for centuries, persisting even through tough circumstances such as a global pandemic. The process of examining calls for racial equality throughout history, such as the remarkable 1960s American Civil Rights and the 21st century BLM movements, can unravel the fundamental elements behind the success of a movement. The presence of audible black voices, massive media coverage and social awareness have proven to be essential in the upheaval of a movement. The fact that Egypt lacks black celebrities, uncensored media and any affiliation to dark-skinned individuals and/or Africans, helps to perpetuate the injustice suffered by the estimated 3 million black African refugees in Egypt. This paper intends to analyze the possible factors which lead to a successful movement through a comparative study of Egypt and the U.S. in an attempt to understand racial injustice and the absence of BLM in Egypt.

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