The Undergraduate Research Journal

Aims and Scope

The Undergraduate Research Journal (URJe) is a multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, reviewed annual publication for undergraduate research and creative works at the American University in Cairo.

URJe is committed to showcasing outstanding works of inquiry and investigation in a variety of genres – mainly research articles, essays, and reviews, but other forms of excellent student work may be considered (e.g. creative writing, documentaries, business proposals and audio/visual recordings of various artistic forms of expression).

The Journal contains the following sections:

  • Research Articles
    This section is for inquiry and investigation work of upper-level students working with disciplinary research methods.
  • Essays
    This section is for work containing a well-articulated, persuasive logically-organized argument on an engaging topic addressing a complex issue.
  • Reviews
    This section is for a critical review of a book or article. A critical review is one that assesses strengths and weaknesses of the ideas and content the work. It provides a description, analysis and interpretation of the work providing the reader a way to determine the work's value.
  • Creative Writing
    This section is for creative works that are original and self-expressive, such as short stories, poetry, scriptwriting, and creative non-fiction.
  • FYRE Place
    This section is dedicated to highlighting the best inquiry or research-based projects completed in any 1000-level course: RHET 1010, RHET 1020, Pathways 1, Pathways 2, Scientific Thinking, Philosophical Thinking, Seminar 1023, Seminar 1099, Seminar 1110, or any other 1000-level course.
  • The Authors’ Challenge
    This section is for creative work by students enrolled in The Authors’ Challenge – AUC’s writing competition. This includes five creative work genres: short story, scriptwriting, spoken word poetry, podcasts, and graphic novel.
  • Multimedia Projects
    This section is for projects such as artwork and musical composition, podcast, or other digital liberal arts projects.

The Journal provides an educational experience in writing for publication and the peer review process. Our student authors research, write, or produce works of their own intellectual or creative endeavours. Experts in the field review these works, and provide meaningful, constructive feedback. Student authors gain vital experience revising drafts to produce a polished work that reflects the adacemic and creative standards at AUC.

URJe is maintained jointly by the Office for Undergraduate Research and the School of Libraries and Learning Technologies at the American University of Cairo.

The publication is provided free of charge, and there are no costs of any kind for authors.