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During the past two decades, Egypt has witnessed an enormous change in the way political affairs are handled. For this reason, concepts of citizenship and nationality have changed in the minds of all peoples, creating a need to come up with specific definitions of citizenship that provides a clear framework in which the government and its people can interact. Egypt has a special demographic distribution of the youth bulge-where the youth make up the majority of the population. For this reason it is important to asses how this youth bulge perceive the concepts of citizenship, nationality and civic engagement. This research is conducted to assess the actual political participation of youth as a form of civic engagement and to estimate how much of the Egyptian youth today has a "sense of community" and thus how much have the potential to participate if directed to the right track. The field work that was conducted to asses the youth bulge was in The American University in Cairo where 100 surveys made up of 30 questions were distributed. The questions assessed issues of citizenship and civic involvement and the final part of the survey was assessed using the Chavis scale.

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