بوح حول السينما الشعرية / Reflections on Poetic Cinema


Hatem Hamad



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حمد, حاتم; Hamad, Hatem

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Research Article

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Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics

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[For the author of this article, cinema is first and foremost an artistic medium before being a means of entertainment or a commercial, money-making business. From among the multiplicity of cinematographic schools, the most attractive to him is "poetic cinema," by which he means not the ability to read the poetic within the larger visual context but rather the ability to create a new poetic cinematographic language that is different. The author's notion of a "different" cinema refers to cinematographic production that distinguishes itself principally from Western narrative techniques and more specifically from the dominant Arab cinematographic form of production. The main issue in the creation of a new poetic cinema is to go beyond that which belongs to hegemonic institutions that lead to political and economic dependency. The existence of patron institutions represents at once a positive support but also a negative constraint to the cinematographic adventure. Since such patron institutions do not exist in the Arab world, this fact in and of itself may contribute to the creation of a distinct cinematographic language. Despite the numerous obstacles that may present themselves to a rising and "different" cinema, and because the Arab world has to begin at point zero, the positive aspect of all this resides in the open space which the absence of institutions is bound to create. Hence, contrary to the case of Arabic poetry, Arab cinematography can set to work without the authority of Tradition.]

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