With the emergence of VOD content worldwide, and its increasing popularity in the Middle East and Egypt, this paper examines the effect of binge-watching the subscription video on demand streaming service “Netflix” on Egyptian Youths’ perceptions and how they perceive the real world. The Study tests both the number of hours spent watching Netflix and the frequency of binge-watching on the impact on perceived reality of societal values, third person effect and the acceptance of controversial societal values in Egypt. It also studies whether the influence of the cumulative long-hours of exposure to Netflix may give a new dimension to the cultivation theory originally coined by George Gerbner in the 1970s.


School of Global Affairs and Public Policy


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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MA in Journalism & Mass Communication

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Spring 1-31-2023

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Rasha Allam

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Nadine Elsayed

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Tara Alkadi


p. 122

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Master's Thesis

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