A green roof is a well-known technology worldwide that provides many social, economic, and environmental benefits. In Egypt, green roofs are still a new construction practice where most stakeholders lack business and technical expertise within this emerging industry. This research is concerned with assessing this emerging technology within its contemporary context, Egypt, and testing its feasibility within the physical condition of the Egyptian buildings and the social and economic conditions of the Egyptians. This study starts by presenting intensive information about green roof technology and reviewing the literature on green roofs within the Egyptian context. A grounded methodology is used to get accurate information about the green roof market in Egypt. The study estimates the size of the green roof market in Egypt considering the building type and condition, its associated roof size, its potential for being a green roof, and its users' socioeconomic situation. In addition, personal interviews with green roof users and Egyptian market stakeholders were conducted to better understand the challenges throughout different project phases. This research presented the benefits of green roofs to its users and estimated the potential benefits if this technology is implemented nationwide. The study gives a detailed perspective on Egypt's green roof industry for all stakeholders, decision-makers, and policymakers they base their decisions.


School of Sciences and Engineering


Center for Applied Research on the Environment & Sustainability

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MS in Sustainable Development

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Summer 6-15-2023

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Mohamed Nagib Abou Zeid

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Amal Hamdy

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Ayman H. Mahmoud


123 p.

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Master's Thesis

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