The technical education and vocational training (TVET) system is a model of education that is popular all over the world. It is implemented in several countries and consists of several models. One of these models is the dual educational system. It is one of the booming TVET educational models that are common in Europe, especially in Germany. Since Egypt adapted the German dual educational model since the 1990’s, this thesis discusses the dual educational system in Egypt through the lens of governance and quality management. Currently, Egypt is collaborating with several national and international policy advisors on enhancing the dual educational system through international best practices, policy amendments and technical and financial support from donor organizations. This thesis examines, reviews, and analyzes the dual educational system in Egypt, the current challenges, the quality model used to enhance the system (ECTQM and EFQM) and its governance mechanisms. It also elaborates on the way forward for the system, its social perception, its strengths and weaknesses, the system’s accountability, and the possible recommendations that could support enhancing it. The quality management system of Egypt’s dual education has never been researched before, and thus, the analysis of this thesis was fundamentally depending on the primary sources to cover and to fulfill an initial academic contribution in this area. The aim of the research is to pinpoint the challenges existing in the Egyptian dual educational system and recommend feasible solutions. The analysis shows that the system has been affected by the political situations that Egypt witnessed over the past fifteen years, which contributed to the system’s current formulation. Moreover, the analysis elaborated on the reasons contributing to the system’s current social perception and the possible recommendations to achieve an enhanced way forward. The findings added that the usage of ECTQM as a quality model to enhance the Egyptian dual education was not effective and was not fully able to improve the quality management system on the operational level, or on the central level due to several challenges that the thesis will elaborate on in details.


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MA in Public Policy

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Spring 6-1-2023

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Ghada Barsoum

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Rana Hindy

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Noura Wahby


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Master's Thesis

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