The purpose of this thesis is to examine the performance of both Islamic and conventional stocks, and to investigate whether the Islamic filtering criteria acts as a shield of protection for investors during crisis or not, based on a panel sample of 12 countries in the MENA region covering 10 different sectors from 1998-2018. Using panel fixed effect regression. We divided out sample into three periods; 1998-2006 pre-crisis period, 2007-2008 crisis period and 2009-2018 post crisis period. Our main finding is that the filtering criteria has a positive relation with the returns significant for the post crisis period and positive significance for the two other periods; crisis and pre crisis.


School of Business


Management Department

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MS in Finance

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Winter 1-21-2020

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Ahmed, Neveen

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Bouaddi, Mohammed

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Youssef, Noha

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Abdallah, Wael


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Master's Thesis

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