Every morning a nation's future is born inside a classroom; it is only at the hands of a â goodâ teacher that this newborn future gets to shape its outlines, define its features, and reach its full potentials. It is well known that teaching is one of the most complex professions, nevertheless; it is also one of the most morally rewarding jobs in the sense that it is teachers who own the privilege of fostering the growth and development of their students' intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing. A good or high- quality teacher is the corner stone of any effective educational system since he/she is considered by many parents, along with, experts in the field of education as one of the most determinant factors in students' academic performance (Berry, Daughtery, &Weider, 2009). In keeping with this thinking, the Education For All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report (GMR) (2005), states that "In a rigorous study of twenty eight such factors, the two most prominent were found to be directly related to the teacherâ . (Wei, Darling-Hammond, Andree, Richardson, &Orphanos, 2009).


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MA in International & Comparative Education

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Spring 5-19-2012

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June 2013

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Zaalouk, Malak

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