This research study falls within the realm of exploratory work on a particular mode of delivering education. It aims to explore the rationale and implications of multigrade education both globally and nationally. It focuses more closely on the teacher preparation processes. The study looks at the general global perspective regarding this kind of education and its best practices. It sheds some light upon its assets in addition to the challenges involved. This research strives to examine the various forms of application of multigrade schooling in Egypt and the teacher preparation programs involved in the process. In more specific terms this study mainly focuses on a current policy concern, which is the issue of teachers' qualifications and certification in hard to reach areas employing a multigrade mode of delivering education. The study tries to compare the performance of paraprofessional teachers who are non-university graduates to university and Faculty of Education graduates and hence aims to shed light on policy decisions needed to be made with regard to the needed qualification. The study relies on field research conducted in eight multigrade schools in Egypt in Giza governorate to meet such objectives.


International & Comparative Education Department

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MA in International & Comparative Education

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Spring 3-21-2013

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May 2015

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Zaalouk, Malak

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Purinton, Ted

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137 p.

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Master's Thesis


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Based on my belief in the multigrade schools' mission in reaching out to the children who would otherwise remain uneducated, in its child-centered pedagogies that are not available in most monograde schools, this research study is a tiny contribution that salutes the efforts of all who participated in that great initiative, and strives to extend it on a larger scale, to realize the dream of providing quality Education For All. Hoping that one day the monograde system would follow suit. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Dr. Malak Zaalouk, my advisor for triggering such initiative, for directing my attention to this untapped road and for her incessant guidance and inspiration. Also I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Ted Purinton for his valuable tips, thoughtfulness and ongoing support each step of the way. My thanks go as well to Dr. Amal Sedky Winter, Dr. Stacie Rissmann-Joyce, and all GSE family for their encouragement and understanding. I am especially grateful to Dr. Zaid Ansari who provided me with his expertise and guidance regarding SPSS data analysis. Of course I thank all NCCM and MOE key informants, supervisors, teachers and students for their assistance and contribution. Last but not least, I am enormously indebted to my mom whose love, prayers and encouragement I could never do without, to my brother whose support and confidence in my potentials made me go miles, and to my dad who I miss and hope is proud of me. Yet, I wish to thank everyone who loves me, who cares and who encourages me in every possible way.