Aya Abdelhady


Automatic traffic light control at intersection has recently become one of the most active research areas related to the development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Due to the massive growth in urbanization and traffic congestion, intelligent vision based traffic light controller is needed to reduce the traffi c delay and travel time especially in developing countries as the current automatic time based control is not realistic while sensor-based tra ffic light controller is not reliable in developing countries. Vision based traffi c light controller depends mainly on traffic congestion estimation at cross roads, because the main road junctions of a city are these roads where most of the road-beds are lost. Most of the previous studies related to this topic do not take unattended vehicles into consideration when estimating the tra ffic density or traffi c flow. In this study we would like to improve the performance of vision based traffi c light control by detecting stationary and unattended vehicles to give them higher weights, using image processing and pattern recognition techniques for much e ffective and e ffecient tra ffic congestion estimation.


Computer Science & Engineering Department

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MS in Computer Science

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October 2013

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Mohamed, Moustafa

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Gonied, Amr

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Balasa, Flourin


109 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Mohamed Moustafa, I would not have reached this phase without his guidance and support. I would also like to express my thanks to my thesis committee members, Dr. Amr Goneid, Dr. Florin Balasa and Dr. Mahmoud Khalil for their support, guidance and helpful feedback. I would also like to recognize Ericsson Turkey (Part Of Ericsson Region Middle East) for sponsoring this work under the Ericsson Networked Society Innovation Center (ENSIC) program. I want to thank my colleagues who helped and supported me throughout this process. Special thanks to Ahmed Abdallah for his constant support and help. At last but not least, I thank my beloved parents and friends who always supported me, welcomed listening and gave me a lot of their time without complaining, It is my honor to dedicate this thesis to them all.