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Egypt has a medium overall score in climate mitigation efforts according to the Climate Change Performance Index (Germanwatch, 2021) and a relatively low performance in the adaptation measures when compared with other African countries such as Kenya (Pörtner et al., 2022). This policy paper aims to examine the current efforts by Egypt to monitor and evaluate its mitigation and adaptation efforts and review what similar countries have done in this regard. Hence, the paper will then provide policy alternatives to ensure a workable Monitoring and Evaluation Framework that considers the Egyptian context and the current policy environment. The Monitoring and Evaluation Framework will allow Egypt to utilize its resources, report to the global community, and help policymakers make informed decisions regarding future investments and areas of improvement in various sectors. The paper discusses the importance of adopting a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework and presents an indepth analysis of the local related efforts, the international frameworks, and the motivation and challenges to adopting the M&E Framework in Egypt. Section I covers background on Egypt’s vulnerability to climate change, Egypt’s efforts to combat climate change, and case studies from other countries. Section II discusses thoroughly three policy alternatives that cover the institutional, legal, and financial aspects. Section III provides recommendations for policymakers particularly for the selected policy alternative. The paper also sheds light on the difference between an M&E Framework and an MRV system. The research team included four criteria to assess the suggested policy alternatives, namely, the technical, administrative, political, and economic feasibility. The paper finally offers a set of recommendations that are fundamental for an effective realization of the policy. To conduct this research, the research team has conducted a literature and desk review, a stakeholder analysis, and semi-structured interviews with governmental officials at the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and the National Council for Climate Change (NCCC).


Climate Change; Monitoring & Evaluation; Mitigation; Adaptation; Egypt


This paper is published by The Public Policy Hub - GAPP School (AUC), established in 2017:

Laila El Baradei (PI), Shahjahan Bhuiyan (Co-PI), Mohamed Kadry (Program Manager), Waleed El-Deeb (Senior Specialist), Ghadeer Ibrahim (Senior Outreach and Communications Specialist).

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Rana Hendy

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