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Violent disciplinary practices against children are in itself a juxtaposition since violence comes from a place of safety and from those children trust the most; their parents. Parents and caregivers violently discipline their children thinking they are helping them be better. More than 1 billion children around the world, aged 4-17 years old, experience violence (Hillis et al., 2016) from those considered their source of love and safety. In Egypt, 40% of the population is made of children, and 90% of those children have experienced some sort of domestic violence from their caregivers. Using physical, verbal, and sexual violence as a means for discipline is alarming since they lead to short- and long-term effects on children. Moreover, the inflicted cost reaches $7 Billion every year as a result of violence against children.


Positive Parenting; Violence Against Children; Disciplinary Violence; Parenting


The paper is published by The Public Policy Hub - GAPP School (AUC), established in 2017:

Laila El Baradei (PI), Shahjahan Bhuiyan (Co-PI), Mohamed Kadry (Program Manager), Waleed El-Deeb (Senior Specialist), Ghadeer Ibrahim (Senior Outreach and Communications Specialist).

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Rana Hendy

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