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Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

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Cairo Studies on Migration and Refugees

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This Report maps the legal entitlements of asylum-seekers, refugees, and failed asylum seekers in Egypt under international, regional, bilateral, and domestic laws, examines whether such entitlements are in fact accessible, and makes recommendations for possible future directions. This process is not straightforward because the interplay between legal regimes creates bundles of entitlements that differ depending on one’s immigration status and nationality. Even when laws clearly address the entitlements of asylum-seekers, refugees, and failed asylum-seekers, there is often a gap between entitlements on paper and communities’ ability to access these entitlements. This Report adopts a rights-based approach, assessing asylum-seekers’, refugees’, and failed asylum-seekers’ lived experiences against the backdrop of the legal mapping, and making recommendations to promote humane and dignified living conditions. The outcomes of the Report allow the Egyptian government, international organizations, donor states, and nongovernmental and community-based organizations to direct their limited resources to the maximum benefit of refugees, asylum-seekers, and failed asylum-seekers. The Report also clarifies the scope of legal entitlements so that refugee and migrant communities can better understand and advocate for their rights. Ultimately, greater knowledge of the entitlements possessed by refugees, asylum-seekers, and failed asylum seekers enhances local integration and builds a more cohesive community in Egypt based on mutual understanding and respect.

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