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Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

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Cairo Studies on Migration and Refugees

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In reviewing migration flows in and out of Egypt after the Arab ‘Spring” and the events leading to the Egyptian Revolution in January 25th, 2011, the initial suspicion and resistance to any information dissemination was noted by the researcher as a definite change in attitude in the country after the revolution. This may be attributed to recent raids on U.S. funded pro-democracy NGO’s among others and accusations of foreign interference in domestic affairs. Along with the volatile political situation in the aftermath of the revolution, distrust runs rampant, as well as a low prioritization with regards to migration issues in the grand scheme of daily crisis. In the absence of a president, a constitution and an active police force, the situation in Egypt is less than ideal for conducting proper research. However, this study attempts to give a snapshot of the most recent migration trends in and out of Egypt since the revolution. It addresses various political parties’ and prominent figures’ perception on migration policy and its position in the current political dialogue.