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As a multi-section Core Curriculum course required for all undergraduates of AUC, Scientific Thinking (SCI120) provides unique insight on a variety of issues faced throughout the liberal arts educational system. Scientific Thinking, part of the “Core of the Core,” is a course that many students may not choose to take. While AUC is known here and abroad as the region's premier English-language institution of higher learning, many students enter without a full appreciation for how or why that elite status depends on the liberal arts component of the education that is being offered. The instructors for this course are a mixed group of full time and adjunct faculty, loosely affiliated with backgrounds in various natural sciences, history of science, philosophy of science, mathematics, and social science. Making the most effective use of their talents and expertise, while providing a common experience relevant to the interests of all students, has been a consistent challenge throughout the history and development of Scientific Thinking.