Ultra high resolution point spread function based on photonic crystal lens for 3D biomedical applications

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Physics Department

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Norhan A. Salama, Mohamed A. Swillam, Mohamed Farhat O. Hameed, Y. Badr, Shaimaa M. Alexeree, Salah S. A. Obayya

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Research Article

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Optical and Quantum Electronics

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Spring 2-4-2023




In this paper, a novel design of superlens based on photonic bandgap structure for high resolution point spread function (PSF) is reported at a wavelength of 3 μm. The lens is able to generate a non-difraction Bessel beam with a number of focusing points with variant resolution limits. The optimized structure provides high resolution in both lateral and axial directions. The maximum achieved lateral resolution of PSF is down to~0.27λ with corresponding axial resolution down to~0.57λ attaining a FOM, the inverse of the product of both resolution limits, of~6.49. Meanwhile, the maximum axial resolution is down to~0.4λ with corresponding lateral resolution down to~0.33λ with a FOM of~7.34. In addition, the proposed design is able to generate a focusing point extended in space up to~0.98 µm with a sub-difraction lateral resolution down to~0.47λ. Furthermore, the reported superlens demonstrates a sub-difraction focusing in lateral direction along the range the bandgap wavelengths (from 2.4 to 3.6 µm) showing a signifcant increase of focal depth when decreasing the operating wavelength. Remarkably, a high focal depth up to~1.77 µm is achieved at the operating wavelength of 2.6 µm. The suggested design has a tremendous potential in 3D biological imaging and biosensing applications

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