Veiled on Instagram? Representation of Veiled versus Nonveiled Women in Western and Egyptian Instagram Posts

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Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Research Article

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Journal of Interactive Advertising

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This study uses visual, quantitative content analysis to examine whether there is a significant difference in the representation of veiled versus nonveiled women in branded Instagram posts. We also tested the representation of women in Western and Egyptian branded Instagram posts. We used a sample of 200 branded Instagram posts created to promote products and services. The study tested five categories based on Goffman’s and then Kang’s gender analysis models: feminine touch, ritualization of subordination, licensed withdrawal, body display, and independence. We report a significant difference in body display between veiled women in Western versus Egyptian brands’ Instagram posts, as well as between veiled and nonveiled models in Western brands’ posts. We also found that both veiled and nonveiled women in Western brands’ posts show significantly more feminine touch compared to Egyptian brands.

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