Clarification of Arachidonic Acid Metabolic Pathway Intricacies

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Hatem Tallima

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Research Article

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ACS omega

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Surrounding inflammation activates phospholipase A, which cleaves and releases arachidonic acid (ARA) from cell membranes. The four cis double bonds are instrumental in ARA susceptibility to oxidation, resulting in the generation of numerous bioactive metabolites of critical importance for the immune system, namely inflammation in response to pathogens, resolution of inflammation, wound healing, and mood and energy balance. The ARA metabolism steps are replete with intricacies, deterring researchers from identifying targets, which could be useful in modulating the synthesis of ARA metabolites toward exclusive protection of the host from pathogens, endogenous excessive danger signals, pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety disorders. While ARA metabolic pathways are reasonably defined, it was deemed mandatory to fully clarify the flow and direction of protons, electrons, and oxygen atoms and the intricacies behind formation and breakage of double bonds and cyclic structures. This in-depth novel information will perfect the development of strategies and drugs aimed at counteracting inflammation and promoting healing.

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