Tunable Mid IR focusing in InAs based semiconductor Hyperbolic Metamaterial

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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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Research Article

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Scientific Reports

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© 2017 The Author(s). Noble Metals such as Gold and Silver demonstrated for mid IR metamaterials have suffered many obstacles such as: high losses and lack of tunability. The application of doped semiconductors has allowed overcoming the tunability restriction, besides, possessing lower losses as compared to metals. In addition, doped semiconductors have small magnitude of negative real permittivity which is required to realize mid IR Hyperbolic Metamaterials (HMMs). We theoretically demonstrate super focusing based on an all Semiconductor planar HMM using InAs heterostructure. By applying a single slit integrated with doped InAs/InAs HMM, incident light can be coupled to high propagation wave vectors of the HMM modes leading to sub diffraction focusing within the mid IR wave length range. Our proposed structure shows a wide controllable/tunable operation by changing the doping concentration of InAs. As a consequence, focusing resolution can be tuned over the mid IR ranging from 4.64 μm to 19.57 μm with the maximum achieved resolution is up to 0.045λ at an operating wavelength of 19.57 μm. In addition, we show the effect of substrate refractive index on tuning and enhancing the focusing resolution. Our proposed HMM is an all single based material in which it will not suffer lattice mismatch restrictions during fabrication.

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