This study analyzes the published corporate governance guidelines and related documents of the BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian Media Group and Thomson Reuters and accordingly creates an adapted corporate governance index suitable for implementation on the state-owned press institutions in Egypt with the aim of moving them towards a greater degree of corporatization. The notion of the research is that the legislations and board structures of state owned press institutions in Egypt don’t fit their mandate and that corporate governance needs to be applied to these institutions to make them eligible for market. Qualitative content analysis is applied to the studied documents and in depth interviews are conducted with ten media and academic experts to realize the proposed index. The study adopts three justified approaches, public interest, stakeholders’ benefit and agency governance approaches. The index is then applied as an assessment tool to Al-Ahram state owned press institution.


Public Policy & Administration Department

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MA in Public Policy

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June 2015

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El Baradei, Laila

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Amin, Khaled Zakaria

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Hamdy, Naila


148 p.

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Master's Thesis

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Muʼassasat al-Ahrām.

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Corporatization -- Egypt.


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First, I dedicate this thesis to the person who granted me the first career opportunity in journalism ... to my mentor, friend, life coach and spiritual father who taught me that life is a continuous learning process... I dedicate it to the soul of Abdullah Kamal, the former editor-in-chief of Rose-Al-youssef Press Institution and founder of Dot Msr Digital Platform. Then, I wish to express my sincere thanks to my supervisor, Dr. Laila El-Baradie, associate Dean of GAPP School for all her support, advice and added knowledge I place on record; my sincere thank you to Dr. Khaled Zakaria Amin who has added valuable contribution and guidance to this study since the early stages of brain storming. I am also grateful to Dr. Jennifer Bremer, former chair of Public Policy and Administration Department, for enhancing my research and analysis skills through her continuous guidance… I take this opportunity to express gratitude to Dr. Hamid Ali, the department chair and to all of the Department faculty members. I thank my mother, Samiha Ghayes for her unconditional support, tenderness and love and for creating adequate circumstances for work; and I thank my dad, Samir Eldaba for encouraging and backing me up in all what I do. Finally I express my deep gratitude to my Boss, Mr. Mohammad Hany CBC Channels Network Managing Director for all the support that he provided me, if not for his understanding it would have been impossible to finish this study program side to side with my work. To all those I express my gratefulness and I pray that I can convey all the love and support that you game me, to others.