Akram Marwan


Sustainable development has been a global goal and one of the key enablers to achieve the sustainable development goals is by securing decent jobs. However, decent jobs rely on the quality of education an individual has got, which value the importance of studying new education for employment frameworks that work. With the evolution of artificial intelligence that is influencing every industry and field in the world, there is a need to understand the impact of such technology on the education for employment process. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and assess how AI can foster the education for employment process? And what is the harm that such technology can brings on the social, economical and environmental levels? The study follows a mapping methodology using secondary data to identify and analyze AI powered startups and companies that addressed the learning and employability gaps. The study revealed twelve different AI applications that contribute to 3 main pillars of education for employment; career exploration and choice, skills building, and job hunting. 94% of those applications were innovated by startups. The review of literature and study results showed that AI can bring new level of guidance for individuals to choose their university or career, personalized learning capabilities that adapt to the learner's circumstance, and new whole level of job search and matchmaking.

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MS in Sustainable Development

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December 2019

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Ismail, Ayman

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Bali, Maha

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Radwan, Sally


119 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I would like to thank and share my gratitude to those who have contributed to make my thesis possible. First, I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Ayman Ismail, for his support, advices, guidance and structured directions. It was a full enriching experience during which I shifted this study, upon his guidance, from an academic research to a real insightful practical learning experience. Special thanks to Dr. Hani Sewilam. You have been more than a professor, a mentor and a father. Whenever there was a problem, obstacle or issue, you have been there to support. I still remember your intimate advices