Rezk Marey


This phenomenological study aims to explore teachers’ and principals’ personal experiences with and perspectives on the features of “STEM Now Egypt” program as a transformative professional development (PD) model. It also seeks to examine “STEM Now Egypt” PD program participants’ perceived skills. This study was guided by constructivist principles which were thought to yield transformative PD results. It was conducted in fifteen public schools in Greater Cairo in Egypt and employed a qualitative phenomenological study approach by conducting one to one semi-structured interviews with twelve teachers and three principals selected based on their participation in the two-year “STEM Now Egypt” PD program. All data collected were coded. A thick descriptive representation of findings in almost all participants’ responses was used to find out similar themes and generate conclusions. The research findings reveal general agreement among all participants’ perspectives on PD transformative features, perceived skills, and professional learning pertaining to the literature review and as implemented in “STEM Now Egypt” PD program. All teachers and principals were found to hold positive perspectives toward “STEM Now” extended, and experiential workshops; expert mentoring for follow-up support; principals’ participation in the PD program side by side with teachers; embedding technology in content-based and contextualized training; coherence in addressing digital curricula, research-based instructional strategies and ways of assessing 21st century skills; face-to-face and online professional learning communities; and ongoing feedback and reflection. The study also generated some recommendations that might transform future PD programs in Egypt.


International & Comparative Education Department

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MA in International & Comparative Education

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June 2019

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El-Deghaidy, Dr. Heba

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Dr. Abate, Teklu

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Dr. Wolsey, Thomas


141 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. Heba El Deghaidy, the research supervisor, for her dedicated assistance, advice, inspiration, encouragement and continuous support. Her guidance and feedback have been invaluable instructional moments for me to research more and acquire consolidated knowledge at its best. Her belief in the strength of my thesis, keenness to produce high-quality work, and her recognition of my abilities to work out the study challenges have been highlights of a great instructional and inspirational leader. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my esteemed research readers Dr. Thomas Wolsey and Dr. Teklu Abate whose depth of knowledge, profound feedback, insightful suggestions and constructive comments have been ingenious and helpful contributions. I also take pride in acknowledging and appreciating the privilege of learning at the hands of prolific professors like Dr. Malak Zaalouk, Dr. Russanne Hozayin, Dr. Nagawa Megahed, Dr. Gehan Osman, Dr. Mustafa Toprak, Dr. Nasser Mansour, Dr. Heba Kotb , Dr. Jennifer Skaggs, along with Dr. Heba El Deghaidy and Dr. Teklu Abate. My special words of thanks should also go to Ms. Dena Riad for her usual assistance and continuous support. Special thanks go to Ashraf Magdd, Emily Waters and Andrew Tideswell for their understanding and encouragement. This thesis would not have been possible without my family’s unwavering and unselfish love and support at all times. Loads of thanks to my wife and my two kids for bearing with me in difficult moments, and for their sacrifices.