This study investigates Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) teachers' perceptions towards the usefulness of songs in fostering language acquisition in AFL classes, in addition to the practices they employ, and the alignment between teacher perceptions and practices. Perceptions and practices are examined further through a focus on the purposes for using songs in class, the activities teachers use with songs, and the challenges they face with using songs in class. In addition, the study evaluates whether there are any demographic features that distinguish teachers who use songs from those who do not. The aforementioned topics were investigated through an online questionnaire that received responses from 66 AFL teachers, as well as interviews with six of these teachers to further explore and analyze the findings of the questionnaire. The results of this study indicate an overwhelming consensus among participating AFL teachers in regard to the usefulness of songs in classes to foster language acquisition for all proficiency levels and most AFL class types. The study also reveals a lack of alignment between teacher perceptions and practices, as a result of challenges teachers face in finding suitable songs as well as dealing with varying student attitudes towards their usage.


Applied Linguistics Department

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MA in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language

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January 2019

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El Essawi, Raghda

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Abu El Seoud, Dalal

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Hassan, Mona Kamel



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Master's Thesis


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