This Masters of Global Affairs project has been constructed for the use as a piece contributing to policy recommendations for the Canadian Federal government on their response to handling state-sponsored cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI) in Canada. Throughout this project an exploration is undertaken to understand the means of attacks that Canada has faced since the millennium, as well as to see what defense and security measures were of use, and what security measures were under-utilized. By exploring these attacks to Canada’s CNI, clarification on improvements for the federal government on its future state of cyber defense become available. This project will also look to shape policy recommendations that can be considered in further national security agenda creation as well as governmental policies affecting domestic, and global governance on cyber attacks.


Public Policy & Administration Department

Degree Name

MA in Global Affairs

Graduation Date


Submission Date

May 2015

First Advisor

Hodgkins, Dr. Allison

Committee Member 1

Aboul-Enein, Dr. Sameh

Committee Member 2

Sunday, Dr. James H.


58 p.

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Library of Congress Subject Heading 1

Security, International -- Canada.

Library of Congress Subject Heading 2

Cyberterrorism -- Canada.


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Sincere thank you to my incredible Advisor Dr. Allison Hodgkins at The American University in Cairo for providing the educational resources and support to accomplish this work. This accomplishment would have not been possible without Dr. Allison Hodgkins. Sincere thanks to my committee member (Ambassador) Dr. Sameh Aboul-Enein at The American University in Cairo for exposing me to cyber security and providing me with insight on current global affairs. Further, Sincere thanks to Dr. James H. Sunday from the Department of Political Science at The American University in Cairo for providing me with support and the resources to carry out the successful completion of this work.