Power line communication (PLC) has recently attracted a lot of interest with many application areas including smart grids' data communication, where data (from sensors or other measurement units) with different QoS may be transmitted. Power line communications suffer from the excessive power lines' impulsive noise (which can be caused by shedding loads on and off). In this thesis, we present a study of power line communications with unequal error protection for two and four data priority levels hierarchical QAM modulation and space-time block coding. We consider the two commonly used power lines' impulsive noise models with Bernoulli and Poisson arrivals. In our proposed approaches, we achieve UEP on both of bit and symbol levels. Approximate closed form expressions for the error rates are derived for each priority level for both single carrier and OFDM in SISO and MIMO systems. In addition, these simpli fied expressions are used to implement a bit loading algorithm to provide UEP for frequency-selective PLC channels. For the case of MIMO PLC channels, we describe three different MIMO schemes to allow more control over the UEP levels. The three schemes are namely: maximum ratio combiner (MRC) receive diversity, Alamouti space-time block code, and a new structure for a space-time code that allows for unequal error protection at the symbol level. Finally, we apply an Eigen beamforming technique, assuming channel knowledge at transmitter, which improves the BER as compared to the other MIMO PLC schemes.


Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

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January 2018

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Seddik, Karim

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Elezabi, Ayman

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Amer, Hassanein


67 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I would like to thank my academic supervisors Dr.Karim Seddik and Dr.Ayman Elezabi for providing all the support and academic experience needed for this work to be accomplished. Also, I would like to thank Dr.Naofal Al-Dhahir from University of Texas, Dallas for the fruitful discussions which enable us to focus our work directions and Dr.Ahmed Elsamadouny from University of Texas, Dallas for providing us with MIMO PLC channel data which helped to study MIMO schemes over PLC. Besides, I am grateful for all my family and friends for their support and motivation. In addition, I would to thank my colleague Eng.waleed kabil from In neon Technologies AG for his personal support. Finally, I would like to thank Dr.Wael Fikry from Ain Shams university for his special motivation and mentoring through all my academic life at Ain Shams university.