This current research aims to study the different stadiums worldwide and to analyze the different aspects controlling them in terms of planning, design and construction. In this regard, there have been radical changes in the stadium projects approach over the last 30 years. In the past, soccer stadiums used to be consisted of only a pitch and a seating area for the fans. However, over the last 30 years, an evolution started to take place in utilizing stadiums as economically beneficial projects. Currently, stadiums have all safety requirements and incorporate the latest technological advances in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Furthermore, studying stadiums from different continents concentrates on the positive and negative aspects of these stadiums including different stadiums worldwide. That is an attempt to reach a viable solution to develop successful stadiums in terms of planning, design and construction. Therefore, the main goal of this study is finding a way to have a safe stadium that can generate profits to its owner plus the prospect of finding different funding options that could be used effectively. In this study, the analysis will focus on cost, safety and profitability of each stadium project. Then, we will begin to implement our own created model for a new stadium to be built in Egypt, or any other country worldwide using the Big Mac Index. We will take into consideration the whole process of establishing a new successful soccer stadium project, starting by setting a vision, planning, design and then construction.


Construction Engineering Department

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MS in Construction Engineering

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January 2018

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Nassar, Khaled

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Ezzeldin, Samer

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Tarabeih, Khaled


105 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I would like to thank my professors who had helped me a lot during the entire time of doing my thesis. As a unique topic it was not easy at all to find enough researches and similar topics to take a guide from but with the great help and support of my adviser Dr. Khaled Nassar “Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Construction Engineering department” it turned out to be easier to finish it in the proper way. I would like also to give special thanks to my AUC Professors Dr. Samer Ezzeldin “Chair of Construction Engineering department”, Dr. Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid, “Professor of Construction Engineering department and Chairman of the University Senate”, Dr. Osama Hosny, “Research Professor” for giving great support and help along the time to finish my thesis topic successfully. Also, Dr. Osama El Hosseiny, “Research Professor” as my external thesis examiner for coming and adding his beneficial knowledge and feedback to my thesis. I started working on my topic 3 years ago by traveling to many countries worldwide and had made site visits to different stadiums and attended as well very beneficial stadiums business summits and conference. Along trips, I met many experts and professors specialized in the stadiums industry whom helped me a lot. First of all was Prof. Terry Stevens “International sports tourism consultancy”, Prof. Geraint John, “author of Stadia design and development guide and senior consultant of Populous company” and several multinational companies specialized in stadiums planning and development as Mott Macdonald, HKS and The Stadium Consultancy. As in Egypt, Egyptian Ministry of youths and sports and Al Ahly sports club supported me a lot in gathering many historical data concerned on stadiums construction costs in Egypt as well as sponsorships deals values and match tickets sales. I would like also to thank some Egyptian construction companies that helped me as well in gathering data for commercial buildings in Egypt as construction costs and revenues values as well like ECC company group and Sinmar Construction and Concrete System Company. Finally, the most special, my warm greetings and thanks to my family members who always stand by my side through any tough time having the patience and faith to do so. Special thanks to my parents who always support me and motivate me till achieving my great goals specially the ones related to my academic career. Special thanks to my lovely sisters who always stand by my side and close friends who always exert great efforts for me.