Rabha Allam


Public Policy & Administration Department

Degree Name

MA in Public Policy

Graduation Date


Submission Date

May 2015

First Advisor

Hamzawy, Amr

Committee Member 1

Khaled Amin, Amr Shalakany


117 p.

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Library of Congress Subject Heading 1

Police regulations -- Egypt.

Library of Congress Subject Heading 2

Egypt -- Politics and government -- 21st century.


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This thesis would not have been possible without the high hopes raised by the January 25th Revolution which has driven my interest in, and dedication to the topic. Foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor, Professor Amr Hamzawy for accepting to supervise my thesis, and for his immense knowledge and high intellectual and academic standards. I also would like to thank my readers for accepting to be part of my committee and for their generous insights without which my thesis would not have been the same. Dr Khaled Amin was first to introduce me to the essentials of Public Policy and Administration, and Dr Amr Shalakany for his attentive guidance since the beginning of my interest in the topic. I am also indebted to the Yousef Jameel Fellowship for allowing me the chance to join this Master's program. Special thanks to Dr Laila ElBaradei, Iman Nabil and Amira ElBeltagy for their generous care and support in every step of the way. Appreciation goes to the faculty and staff of the Department of Public Policy and Administration, especially Dr Emad Shahin for his tremendous support and enormous insights that helped deepen my understanding of the topic and the Public Policy in general. My sincere thanks and gratitude go to Dr Ghada Barssoum for her constant support which had sharpened my method and raised my awareness of the topic. I also deeply thank all of my interviewees for accepting to talk to me despite their time limitations and for giving their candid insights and experiences. Deep thanks and gratitude goes to my dear mentors; Dr Ahmed Youssef, Dr Nevine Mossad, Dr. Amr ElShobaki, Dr Omayma Aboud and Dr. Heba Raouf for their continued support. My deepest gratitude goes also to my late mentor Mrs. Iness Abul'eid whose ethics and compassion will always enlighten my way. Finally, loving appreciation goes to my mother, whose emotional support was essential to overcome the challenges of my study and cushioned its hardships. Special thanks to my brother and his lovely family for their continued love. My warm gratitude goes to my friends Dina, Mona, Mai, Hanaa, Yasmine, Farah, Marwa, Nadine, Mavie, Noha, Heba, Rania, Saneya, Aly, Georges and Ahmed.