Rahma Abubakr


Mycotoxins are natural toxins produced by fungus. These toxins are food and feed contaminants inducing diverse toxicological effects on human and animal health that may affect different organs. These adverse effects may be hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic and neurotoxic; these effects may be acute or chronic implying that even traces amount of mycotoxins, may accumulate over time and become problematic. The occurrence of mycotoxins in food and feed are thus an issue of critical importance and is of main concern worldwide. Among the efforts that are being made to limits mycotoxins occurrence in food are the laws and regulations on their permissible limits. For instance, the permissible limits of Aflatoxins in peanuts are 4 ng/g for total aflatoxins and 2 ng/g for aflatoxin B1. These limits and regulations are based on human risk assessment studies, data about the occurrence of mycotoxins in various commodities, and the availability of sensitive and accurate analytical methods for their determination. In this work we developed a rapid, selective, sensitive, accurate and validated method for the simultaneous quantification of aflatoxins using LC-ESI-MS/MS. The developed method was applied on different sample matrices; peanuts (n = 45), lentils (n = 10), beans (n = 3), and wheat (n =2). The first ever reported data on the occurrence and levels of aflatoxins in peanuts in Greater Cairo are presented. The results presented here show that the investigated peanuts samples from 5 different regions in Greater Cairo contain mean concentrations of total aflatoxin ranging from 16.69 to 101.93 ng/g which are 4 to 25.5 times higher than the permissible limits set by the European Union and FDA.


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MS in Chemistry

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September 2017

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Tamer Shoeib, Gihan El Moghazy

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Ramadan, Adham

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Abdel Ghani, Nour Eldin


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Master's Thesis


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American University in Cairo And The Regional Center for Food and Feed, Agriculture Research Center.