Sarah Hammad


This thesis aims to juxtapose Freud's and Schopenhauer's doctrines, in the hopes of reaching a richer understanding of both thinkers. Both Freud and Schopenhauer believed that the way we viewed the world and ourselves was lacking, to a certain extent even distorted, and that such lack was due to our constitutional focus on ourselves, a focus developed from the absolute need for self-preservation. They both also called for a truer less distorted form of knowledge, a knowledge that could reach the essence of ourselves and therefore of the world. This thesis attempts to bring those two daring minds closer together in order for such a mutual augmentation to occur. The focal point of contact between the two will be the experience of art.


Philosophy Department

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MA in Philosophy

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February 2018

First Advisor

Stelzer, Steffen

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Fincham, Richard

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Switzer, Robert


75 p.

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Master's Thesis


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