The European Union has not been able to establish sustainable security policies that provide solutions to the migration crisis since 2015; instead, its actions have caused tensions among Member States and fortified EU's external borders. Based on this statement, the thesis was based on the following research questions: why the European Union has not been able to agree on a common asylum policy? Despite failing to agree on a common asylum policy, are there any areas of merging consensus? If so, what are they and why? To provide a complete answer, the thesis evaluates the Union's migration and asylum policies and regulations in place prior to the refugee crisis, and the European Commission's legislative packages in reaction to the crisis. The analysis proves that, instead of pushing further to build a better and harmonized system to share equally across the region the burden of migration, the EU has been externalizing the issue by: fixing quotas on Member States for the relocation of asylum applicants; fortifying its external borders with the creation of the European Border and Coast Guard; working closely with third-countries of origin and transit; and creating more strict measures for the expulsion of migrants.


Political Science Department

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MA in Political Science

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January 2018

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Pinfari, Marco

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Awad, Ibrahim

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Elnur, Ibrahim


127 p.

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Master's Thesis


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