As a student of both international relations and international law; I have more often than not come across the same contemporary global issues and had to discuss said issues within a political or legal discourse using their respective vernaculars. I have also, more often than not, found that each discourse relies heavily on aspects of the other to adequately assess a particular phenomenon. he interconnectivity of both discourses is extensive and distinguishing between both proves rather difficult and inconsequential. his is to say that the collaboration of both disciplines within the analysis of a global conflict provides a more in-depth analysis than either discipline could separately. his practice is already present within both fields however the parameters of this approach and a refined methodology are yet to be determined. For that reason, this paper advocates for a formal interdisciplinary approach to the assessment of global conflicts which otherwise utilizes one approach or the other. his multifaceted approach would provide a more practical and more detailed insight and analysis into the causes and effects of the contemporary issues that dominate the international arena and resonate throughout both disciplines.


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LLM in International and Comparative Law

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May 2016

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Skouteris, Thomas

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Natajaran, Usha

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Sayed, Hani


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Master's Thesis


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