Physical effects have a significant impact on the IC design which will be investigated in this thesis. Moving toward advanced technology nodes, magnetic effects become more dominant than capacitive effects. As the dimensions of the devices go down and the interconnect manipulates the circuit behavior more and more. Cross talking and voltage drops are affecting the design heavily, however - going to the full electromagnetic point of view - current return path (CRP) adds significant parasitics to the performance of the chip. Neglecting the CRP gives wrong intuition and simulation of the designs, especially that the environment and surroundings can play an important role in defining the current return path. Signal delay and worst-case delay switch pattern can vary significantly when including magnetics and current return path. Image current for spirals significantly affects the inductance value. In the following chapters those phenomena will be discussed together with the ways to minimize their effects.


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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

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Spring 6-12-2024

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Yehea Ismail

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Hassanein Amer

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Khaled Salah


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Master's Thesis

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