This abstract highlight the significant findings and contributions of the study, which aimed to develop model clauses specifically tailored to the Egyptian construction industry for multi-party construction contracts. The research methodology encompassed several key components. Firstly, a comprehensive literature review was conducted to explore the various construction delivery methods prevalent in Egypt. This review provided a solid foundation for understanding the existing practices and identifying areas for improvement. The study also delved into the concept of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and its potential benefits as well as an analysis of the commonly used standard forms of contract and successful case studies. The study focused on five important clauses: change orders, payment, suspension, termination, and dispute resolution. By examining IPD principles, the research aimed to incorporate collaborative and integrated approaches into the developed model clauses. To ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the model clauses, an analysis was conducted on standard forms of contract, including ConsensusDocs 300 and AIA C191. Relevant provisions from these frameworks were extracted and considered in the development process. Additionally, a comparison was made with the widely used FIDIC Red Book 1999 to address compatibility and alignment with prevailing industry standards. To refine the model clauses, expert input was sought from professionals in both the public and private sectors of the construction industry. Their valuable insights and feedback played a crucial role in enhancing the practicality and effectiveness of the clauses. The study's contributions are reflected in the comprehensive set of clauses comprised of 100 sub-clauses developed, which not only align with IPD principles but also comply with local legal requirements and industry best practices. By implementing these model clauses, stakeholders in the Egyptian construction industry can expect improved project outcomes, enhanced communication, efficient change management, and proactive dispute resolution.


Construction Engineering Department

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MS in Construction Engineering

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Winter 1-23-2024

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Ahmed Samer Ezeldin

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Engy Serag

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Khaled Nassar

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Ahmed Waly


291 p.

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Master's Thesis

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