This paper evaluates the applicability of using a corrosion-resistant reinforcement high strength stainless steel strands (HSSS) Duplex 2205 in pre-stressing applications. HSSS-Duplex 2205 is a high performance steel which can be used as an alternative to the conventional carbon steel strands, for a better service life. The high strength and corrosion resistance of the material allows it to show its impressive performance in marine structural applications. Although the use of HSSS-Duplex 2205 could be initially costly; however, the improved durability and extended service life of the concrete structures using HSSS would require less life-cycle cost. Although there is a gap in literature and research about the HSSS, recent international standards started issuing designations to accommodate with the recent developments. With the help of the newly published standard specifications for the HSSS strands (ASTM A1114), an inclusive study with exclusive findings will be presented in this research that would substantially add to our knowledge of understanding the behavior of the material with an intended application of being used as a pre-stressing strand. In this research, HSSS-Duplex 2205 is assessed by performing experimental testing related to the material’s chemical composition, mechanical properties, and stress corrosion resistance.


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Construction Engineering Department

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MS in Construction Engineering

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Spring 6-1-2023

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Mohamed Nagib AbouZeid

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Ezzeldin Yazeed Sayed-Ahmed

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Cara Nicole Morton

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Mohamed Darwish

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Mohamed Abdelmooty

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Maram Saudy


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Master's Thesis

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