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This study aims to understand the implementation challenges and achievements of the Egyptian Civil Service Law (CSL), particularly in the areas of appointments, organizational structure, creation of the new position “permanent secretary” in government institutions, and the provision of incentives arrangement. In order to achieve the research aim, the study employed the qualitative methodology to gather data by performing semi-structured interviews with civil servants of different grades and positions. The interviewees collectively painted a holistic picture of how the CSL is implemented. The results of the study show that the CSL arguably solved many historical problems in governmental institutions, like reforming the appointment system to ensure fairness and equity, and returning the permanent secretary position for the purpose of sustainability of organizations and their projects. The study further identified that the main challenges of implementing the CSL were lack of financial resources, resistance to change within government institutions, and a lack of real incentives for civil servants.


School of Global Affairs and Public Policy


Public Policy & Administration Department

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MA in Public Administration

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Winter 1-31-2023

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Shahjahan Bhuiyan

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Dr. Laila El Baradie

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Dr. Ghada Barsoum


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Master's Thesis

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