Communication fatigue is a situation when a person is no longer able to engage in communication. This study, which is one of the very first in the field, determines the antecedents and consequences of communication fatigue among Egyptian school teachers to be used as a guide for decision makers in the educational sector. Communication between teachers and students is fundamental in the learning process and understanding the antecedents and consequences of communication fatigue is meant to improve the communication between teachers and students and positively reflect on the learning process.

This study answers three main research questions: What is communication fatigue? What are the antecedents of communication fatigue among school teachers? And what are the consequences of communication fatigue among teachers? A total of six focus groups were conducted over four weeks, two each of elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers. The results revealed that a lack of emotional intelligence, excessive communication, stressful communication, and non-communication energy depletion cause communication fatigue among school teachers. The consequences include difficulty encoding and decoding messages and communication energy drainage, sometimes leading to a complete shutdown.


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Fall 2-14-2022

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