The principle of state sovereignty; the right of states to exclusive control over their own territory, is seen as an integral part of the current international order... The whole thesis project revolves around the impact of unilateral humanitarian intervention on the primacy of territorial sovereignty. To be more specific, it explores the role played by the emerging norm of unilateral humanitarian intervention and whether or not it washed away the notion of territorial sovereignty mentioned in the UN charter. The main question the thesis project aims to answer is: How has the practice of unilateral forcible / military intervention ( as evident by the case of Kosovo, Tanzania, and Russia) eroded the primacy of territorial sovereignty? This question is answered through the use of three different frameworks : 1) legal positivism and 2) normative hierarchy, 3) third world approaches to international law (TWAIL).


School of Global Affairs and Public Policy


Law Department

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MA in International Human Rights Law

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Spring 5-29-2015

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Hodgkins, Allison

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Mousa, Jasmine

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Abou El Enien, Sameh


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Master's Thesis

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