Automotive radars are the critical components for future driving assistance technologies. Nowadays, their usage is a constraint on the premium segment automobiles; however, there are intensive studies to facilitate these technologies to the lower segment. The main challenges that face automakers to develop new automotive radars are fabrication cost, compactness, bandwidth, and radiation properties. This research focuses on developing a novel class of planar antenna arrays, which operate at a frequency of 77 GHz. The proposed arrays can be fabricated using multilayered cheap printed circuit board lamination technology. The proposed antennas are arrayed using mixed wire-gridding and corporate arraying techniques, which leads to compactness. They show good radiation characteristics and frequency response. Being planar, they can be easily integrated with the driving electronic circuits. All antenna designs are simulated and optimized using ADS/Momentum solver. This full-wave electromagnetic solver is suitable for analyzing electrically large planar antennas, as it is based on the formulation of the integral equations solved using the method of moments. The results are cross-validated using CST Microwave Studio. Good agreement is observed. The masks needed for realizing the proposed arrays are prepared and already sent for fabrication.


School of Sciences and Engineering


Physics Department

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MS in Physics

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Fall 1-16-2020

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Soliman, Ezzeldin

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Serry, Mohamed (Co-advisor)

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Shaarawi, Amr


97 p.

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Master's Thesis


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I want to express my sincere appreciation to my supervisor Prof. Dr. Ezzeldin Soliman, for all his support and guidance. During the research, he transferred to me his vast experience, precisely-revised this thesis, and giving me feedback with valuable comments and modifications. This research would have never been at this level without his outstanding experience in novel planar antennas. I am expressing my extreme gratitude to Associate Prof. Dr. Mohamed Serry, my co-supervisor, for giving me all his advice, supervision, and revising the thesis. I warmly thank Prof. Dr. Salah ElSheikh, my academic advisor, for providing me with his sincere advice during my masters. He is considered a real father who has always been available to all the students whenever needed. Many thanks to my colleagues and friends at the American University in Cairo (AUC). They have shown the best example of teamwork, encouragement, and support. Also, I intend to extend my great appreciation to all physics department faculty and staff at AUC for being co-operative during my study. Warm thanks to all my academic professors at AUC and Modern Sciences And Arts University (MSA). They have put me on the track towards learning and doing research. My deepest and sincere appreciation to my parents and brother. They have been encouraging and supporting me with great patience and love. I am profoundly grateful to my father and mother for their wisdom, and their great effort they exerted with me during all the past time. Also, I cannot forget their prayers for me. At this instant, I wish for them superior health and long live endeavors.

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