Career services is a newly introduced field in Egyptian universities especially the public sector. This study is aiming to assess the benefits of these services in public, private and non-profit universities through the perceptions of some students who have experienced two or more services offered by their university’s Career Center and are about to graduate and join the job market. Qualitative in-depth interviews with university’s students and a couple of career services professionals were used. The analysis of the study followed the conceptual framework of the influence of career services in easing the transition of students to the job market. The findings of this research highlight importance of career services in giving students clarity about themselves and the job market, preparing them with needed tools and techniques, and providing them with access to career opportunities and connections. The study recommends availing channels of communication between employers and curriculum developers and promoting career services in universities across the country to have prepared and ready workforce capable of penetrating the job market and landing relevant career opportunities.


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MA in Public Administration

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Fall 2-1-2021

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Dr. Ghada Barsoum

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Dr. Rana Hendy

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Dr. Nora Wahby


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